Getting Insurance After Being on Self Administered TRT

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I've been on TRT for about three years now. Unfortunately I came into financial difficulties immediately after going on TRT. I have gotten routine blood work on my own, but have not consulted with any doctors, nor have any health insurance. I am now looking to work with a doctor and also get health insurance. My main question is, what should I be aware of when getting health insurance after self prescribing testosterone for so long? Perhaps I'm over thinking it, but it seems a bit of a sticky issue. Not really expecting TRT to be covered by new insurance, but just looking how to go about this to have proper health insurance. I'm sure there's a fair share of men out there that have gone through this before. Thanks!
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As far as getting insurance to cover TRT you would first need two tests confirming low-T and if you didn't have any of the relevant lab work, you would need to cease TRT and get the tests to confirm low-T.


I don't know what insurance you have but I'm on Obama care. I've had 3 different insurance companies through the years and all of them paid and pay for any and all my blood work ordered by any doctor and also pay for my script for Test and Anastrozole none will pay for HCG.


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There aren't many men that have gone through what you're dealing with at the moment. One of the most important things to do when taking testosterone is to consult a doctor on a regular basis, in order to keep your health in a good shape. The best advice I could give you is to go check your health and discuss with your doctor about the health insurance options available at the moment. After that, if you're not pleased with the information you get from your doctor, check all the medicare supplement plans available online and choose your Medicare supplement plan for 2022 in advance, just to have it cleared out in your checklist.
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