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Are there specific symptoms of low free t or are they the same as tt? If so, how do the symptoms differ?

Is there a possibility of having low free testosterone for years and tt being in midrange(500-600)?

My main worst symptom is brain fog, but motivation, focus, intrusive thoughts, worrying, ect have been with me for years. The brain fog has been around for 4-5 years on and off. Tyia
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It is possible if you have a high SHBG. Measure total T, free T(by dialysis), and SHBG and see.

"Brain fog" and the rest of your symptoms can be caused by a gazillion things and testosterone may have nothing to do with it.


Thanks for responding! These are from a couple weeks ago.


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Have you taken any steroids, SARMS, aromataze inhibitors, clomiphene, pills to 'increase testosterone', etc within a month before the tests?

The tests are all normal but show lower testosterone, which leads to lower free testosterone.


I haven't taken anything other than vitamin d, zinc, and k2. I am not on trt. I'm just trying to figure out if I will benefit from it and have been for a few years now.
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