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    Free t symptoms

    Are there specific symptoms of low free t or are they the same as tt? If so, how do the symptoms differ? Is there a possibility of having low free testosterone for years and tt being in midrange(500-600)? My main worst symptom is brain fog, but motivation, focus, intrusive thoughts...
  2. D

    Updated labs, very low E2

    I am seeing my rheumatologist in a week, (have RA) and got a few labs to bring in, also wanted to see how my TT and FT levels were looking. I have very low SHBG (10-15 usually) and so my FT is always high. My regimen has changed a bit over the years, currently my goal is to decrease my FT, it is...
  3. L

    FT using TruT vs Dialysis methods

    I recently had by TT using the LC/MS-MS method and got 837ng/dl. I used the Dialysis method to test for FT and got 8.4ng/dl. Normal range for TT is 264-916ng/dl. Normal range for FT is 5.2-28.0ng/dl. This equates to 1.5-3.2%. My FT is only at 1% using this method. When I use the TruT...
  4. H

    Blood work results after dropping dosage to 110mg from 180mg a week

    I give up trying to understand lab results when changing my dosage. After reducing my dosage from 180mg to 110mg a week (split E3.5) here are my new levels: TT 833 (274-916) FT 29.9 (8.7-25.1) Results while on 180mg a week: TT 947 (274-916) FT 33.1 (8.7-25.1) To make things worse when i...
  5. M

    high SHBG and FT

    Hi everyone, i have too high SHBG. Have you got any ideas how should i deal with it? For last month i was taking 10 000 vit D per day, but felt no changes so since week i take 20 000 vit D per day. Is there any difference if i take vit D once per day or should i take it 2-3 times per day? I...
  6. A

    HELP...TRT Results Changing Over Time - Would greatly appreciate some input

    I have been on TRT for over 4 years with generally good results. It does seem that I have to keep tweaking my protocol to maintain good levels of hormones and feel good. It also seems that I feel best in the first weeks that I am adapting to a change in protocol. All the following tests were...
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