free T 25/ total T 500, advice on couple things pls


3-4months in on TRT now.
overall I feel pretty good/energetic with some swings, but always looking to fine-tune things, what do you think of my regimen?
on TRT, 40mg 3x week. last dose Friday. blood taken Monday morning:
total T: 507 ng/dl
free T; 24.2 pg/ml
DHEA sulfate: 537 ug/dl (says high, taking 10mg DHEA in the AM)
Estradiol sensitive: 37.3 pg/ml
SHBG: 11.1 nmol/l (says low)
other interesting findings:
my eGFR is 111 which is good. I was 100 pre-trt, and 90 2 years ago.
bun/creatinine ratio = 29 (high)
RBC - 6.22 (high)
hemoglobin - 17.9 (high)
hematocrit - 56.7 (high) - will going to daily regimen with TRT improve it? donate blood? i have no side effects tht I feel
alkaline phospatase: 47 (low)

everything else is very good, no health issues, on high fat/meat diet (carnivore/keto)
my cholesterol is pretty high, but I do not care/think this is a problem TBH.
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hematocrit - 56.7 (high) - will going to daily regimen with TRT improve it?
Maybe, it's does the trick for some men. I would greatly reduce your dosage if considering a daily regime, something like 12-16mg daily.

You don't need high normal Total T to have high normal Free T because your SHBG is very low, a 400 Total T would still get you good Free T levels.


thank you. seeing what the DOC says. but it would make sense, my free T is pretty high and that would explain why I am seeing all the benefits of TRT.
i am reading that low SHBG could be related to insulin/metabolic issues which I always had. don't have D2 but I probably would have it if not low carb diet by now

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