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Hi, Nice to be here. I really need some knowlege based on anti aging. First ly I am a female in my mid 40"s. I am about 5 feet 5 inches tall. I weight about 125 lbs. My concerns are teh following:
thinning hair getting grey,, very thin skin that is loose, can't lose weight although diet is great and only exercise a little bit. Low thyroid (not bad because I never had a problem before. brain got, and vision is getting bad although I have never needed glasses. I have read for weeks on several topics on what could help so here is what I am debating upon:
1. Epitalion or Epitalon for anti aging and lengthening telomeres
2. Semorelin/ and Ipamorelin so I do't get all the bad sides and I don't work out all that much very busy with family mostly on the go.
3. HGH -cost is a litttle to hgih for me at the time
Also looked at injecting GHK-CU l copper peptides for skin and hair. CAN THAT BE INJECTED SUB Q? I can't lose any weight so its really messing up my sense of well being. I was always thin and tan in my younger years. ANY SARMS? MK-466? EPO? for rejuvinating blood? Oxytocin for overall feeling happy and euphoric.
I am tired of spending all my money and a lot of times on scammers and b.s. products that show no results.. I want what works and I will stay committed to whatever protocol I buy. Please help if anyone has any good knowlegeable feed back or better yet if any of you have experimented yourselfs. I am open to new and better options as well. Also what daeages are recommended to inject to how many milligrams, and how many iu's to inject.. Most appreciated for whatever you feel actually works and whatever knowledge you can share I would be forever grateful !
Sincerely, :LEXY[/B]
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Hi Lexy
Thank you for reaching out and providing your information.
First and foremost, have you ever had your hormones checked via blood? This would provide a great analysis as to exactly what is going on hormonally in your various systems. There is a blood testing service available on ExcelMale called www.DiscountLabs.com where you can order low cost blood testing without a doctors visit. This would be a great starting point and will tell you exactly what you need to optimize key hormones which will reverse the symtoms of aging. Here is a good list of tests I would recommend for women:

Testosterone Free and Total
CMP-14 (metabolic panel)
CBC (blood count and immune)
Lipid Panel
Free T3

Regarding peptides, here is a very good protocol that will help increase HGH and IGF-1.

Peptides needed:
CJC-1295 with DAC 5mgbottle (one bottle will last 8 weeks
Ipamorelin 2mg bottle (2mg=2000mcg) (You will need one bottle per week)
Protocol: CJC 1295 with DAC: Mix 5ml of bacteriostatic water into each bottle. Dose:inject 300mcg (30 units on syringe) twice per week (like Mon/Thurs orWed/Sat). Inject in the evening before bedtime Ipamorelin: Mix 2ml of bacteriostatic water in to thebottle.
Dose:inject 300mcg (30 units on syringe) before bed (you can combine with CJC on thedays you are to inject)
The CJC1295 is a different peptide that stimulates HGH likeSermorelin/Ipamorelin, but it is longer acting and therefore only needs twiceweekly injections. The DAC is an add-on that allows it to better attachto the pituitary receptors to produce HGH. It stands for Drug AffinityComplex.
You will want to run this protocol for 3-4 months. As long as your diet is on point you will be a fat burning machine,especially with the synergy between the peptides and getting your testosteroneinto a good range

Before messing with peptides that lengthen telomeres and SARMS, I would look at all of your hormones first. Establishing baseline and treating any hormone deficiencies will provide a great foundation towards reversing/preventing the symptoms associated with aging.
You had also mentioned Oxytocin. Here is a link describing compounded oxytocin nasal spray, which is the best form to take it as a supplement. Oral versions are inadequate and poorly absorb. With the nasal spray, you want to administer 1-2 sprays per nostril per day. You must take it daily for a period of weeks to allow build up, otherwise you may not experience any effect. Some have reported experiencing a calm with euphoria after single use, but it is better to use it daily to provide a consistent effect. http://www.defymedical.com/resources/health-articles/188-oxytocin


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Hi, Thank you so much for getting back to me. I have had my blood tested by two separate doctors. One said my blood work is fine the other said I needed to be on medication. I see an endocrinologist and and an Internist regularly because I was feeling like I didn't have energy, my hair was thinning, my skin was very dry, slow metabolism, etc. I was put on Synthroid (T4) for the last year or so. I don't think it makes much of a difference. I have also obtained some Cytomel (T3) as well and that helps a little better I think. I have had a few blood tests since and everything was within normal range. One said my iron was a little low so he gave me iron supplement. Next doctors visit I am going to give him your list of all the blood work I want tested. He has been my doctor for 15 years. He does whatever I ask him. He's very nice.

Now as far as the peptides. Let me understand:
CJC-1295 with Dac -
5 mg bottle mix with 5 ml bac. water 30 units on syringe 2 days a week bedtime
(8 weeks worth)
Ipamorelin -2mg bottle mix with 2 mg bac water everyday 30 units? everynight before bedtime
(one bottle a week)
run for 3-4 months
sub q or IM?
Will I get bloated? I read a lot about people getting swollen and uncomfortable?
What should I notice happening to me?

So you don't think much about the Epitalion? Do you know anyone who got results?
I won't mess with Sarms. I will look into the Oxytocin Nasel spray. No sub q?

Do you recommend any recommended vendor or we can't talk about that on forum?

Thank you for all the great information. Happy to have an answer that was so detailed. I appreciate your time. Thanks!
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