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I know Defy Medical does not file insurance claims. Blue Cross Blue shield allows you to file claims. This would save me around 40% off visits. The doctor I see can run all the necessary bloodwork. Has anyone had any luck with insurance claims.
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My copay was more than defy for labs but I do use our health savings card thingy for some charges and request reimbursements for some others. Often though, the products for cash using good rx or something is way less than copay. Just have to do the homework to see what saves you the most.

Also, don't forget the convenience of defy - Telemedicine is super convenient for me and that's worth something.


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Considered out of network for my insurance. I've had better luck just using FSA funds to pay for whatever I need from Defy. They're super cool about providing letters of medical necessity. Besides receipts, that's all I've had to supply to get FSA to "approve" the expense.

On the other hand...

My health insurance covers labs at 100%. I have the list and take it to my primary care physician. He orders the labs for me and I have the blood work done at a local Labcorp. BAM! Covered in full and never receive a bill for it.


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Blue Cross covers my labs with defy. I've attempted to do a super bill in the past from a trt provider. Blue Cross denied the whole thing.


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You know, I haven't tried getting Cigna (my insurance) to cover any of my Defy services or meds. Might try next time through, just to see what they say.
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