Can we gain mass with light weight and high repetitions?

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I think research has show speed work is not so effective. I eliminated the speed day when I was a strength coach. Chains and bands are very effective. We also used boards in our bench training and changed depths on the box squats. I also coaches several high school powerlifting teams. The great thing about this method is we could progressively get stronger week by week while doing meets every weekend. Because of the max effort training we were always ready for competition. It worked well in my training too. I actually competed in 8 meets in one year. Two major meets back to back, one week apart. I pulled a 775 at 308 (290) one week and the next week I pulled an 800 at 275.

Yea, I miss the big weight and it very hard for me to get away from it. During most of my training also did depth jumps and sprint training. I got recruited into college football after a coach watch my training at the football field for powerlifting. I have been an athlete most all of my life. Now....I just try to stay in the gym lifting and keep it all bandaged together.
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