Blood Results Today Show Low Estradiol vs. TT - Advice?

Here's my current protocol:
EOD injections of 14mg Test E for weekly total of 49mg of Test E.
10mg Cialis EOD
Blood drawn on morning of injection BEFOREHAND to show trough

Results As Follows:
TT: 1033 (ref range: 193-740)
FT: 58 (ref range: 8-27)
E2: 37 (ref range: 41-91.9)
Hematocrit: 47.3 (ref range: 37-47)
DHEA-S: 132.4 (ref range: 48.60-361.80)
Progesterone: 0.14 (ref range: 0.139-0.193)

I've been on the above protocol for about 4 months now and while it isn't too bad, it isn't great either. I've been feeling quite flat emotionally lately(for the last couple of months) and my libido is flat also. What is surprising is that my E2 levels are quite low in relation to the 15:1 T/E2 ratio many try to achieve.
I'm 61, in good shape, eat very carefully and have only 15% body fat.
Wondering if some added progesterone would help the libido and possibly lowering even further my amount of Test E?

Anyone with some helpful advice?
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I’m having a hard time believing that ur numbers are this high on just 49mg/ week. U sure ur dosing ur testosterone correctly?

Do u know ur SHBG level?

Ur E2 doesn’t look too too low. But then again the range for E2 is kind of weird in ur labs. But it’s the standard PG/ML that labcorp uses I’m pretty sure, so an E2 of 37 might not be that low. Not sure what to make of ur e2 level tbh. Hopefully someone else that understands this better can chime in

Progesterone would probably be a good idea considering ur levels are so low. I should be starting injectable progesterone myself this week. From my understanding progesterone can inhibit E2, so if ur worried about ur E2 being too low, not sure if progesterone will help or hurt that whole situation.
Gman86, I went back and re-checked my numbers and you are correct, I've been mis-dosing and instead am injecting 35mg EOD/122.5mg per week. May explain the malaise and it would help to lower my dosage amount to 100mg per week to see if things improve.
In our eagerness to get things right, often the most basics can be easily overlooked. Thanks for catching that! See...that's why we come here for help. :)


Alright that dose makes way more sense and matches up pretty perfectly with ur numbers. Still surprised ur free T is so high, but ur SHBG is probably 20 or below I would imagine. So probably good that ur doing EOD injections

So what’s ur plan going forward? U gonna lower ur dose a little? U thinking about trying progesterone? Ur DHEA-S levels are pretty low, supplementing with a small amount of DHEA might be beneficial
My current thinking is to indeed lower my dosage first from the 122.5mg it is currently per week, to something around 87.5mg and inject daily now (12.5mg) to mimic more the daily diurnal cycle. I would like to improve my DHEA and progesterone numbers and see if there is a positive effect on my libido and sleep. However, I think with the amount of Test I've been on, it isn't a wonder anymore why I have had difficulty staying asleep. Who knew!?! Lol.

I'm interested that sometime in the future in attempting to find a good source for a compounded nasal Test spray here in Mexico to hopefully try to restart my own body's T production and associated hormones. I will first however, see if this lower dose protocol will help me.
Here in Mexico, we can be our own doc's pretty much and can purchase many prescription drugs without a doc's approval, not all, but many. Hormones are one that are easily obtained without a doc's script.

To start a progesterone protocol, what dosage and schedule would you suggest? I will wait to see what effect this has before beginning any DHEA supplement.

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