Best way to Inject HCG 1500IU for reversing testicular atrophy?

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Hi guys,

I've recently got some HCG hormone, Pregnyl. The dose is 1500IU and it obviously comes with the vial of Bacteriostatic Water (1ml) along with the vial of the powdered HCG itself.

My questions is dosing. I'm assuming that I can just add the 1ml of water to the powder and then split that solution into either 3 doses of 0.33ml which would make each injection a total of 500IU, or I could possibly split 2 doses of 0.5ml of the solution making 750IU per injection.

The idea is that I want to reverse testicular atrophy which has been caused by my ADHD medication over time, and I have been told it could likely work due to the fact that HCG does reverse medication-induced testicular atrophy. The only issue is as you can imagine I couldn't get the HCG from my doctor as it's considered "off label" use so I've had to buy it elsewhere.

Am I right in my calculations, and also which dose would be best for someone who has never used HCG before?

I've had the atrophy for a few months now and obviously it's been bothering me and making extremely depressed and self concious. Studies have shown it's most likely a side effect of my meds. Stopping the meds hasn't cured the problem either which has thrown me to the idea of trying HCG.

I am 22 years of age, 5.3 feet tall and weighing approximately 12.5 stones.

Any advice would be great!
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1, 500iu and up too much at one-time, likely to aggravate/promote estrogen activity. 2, you're going to need to use this stuff, continuously, as 3 injections is hardly worth your time at all and just a waste of product, IMHO.

Most any of us for this purpose use 250iu twice per week.

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HCG consists of the LH analog. Luteininzing Hormone (LH) is the hormone that is responsible for stimulating the testicles to produce test and stay healthy. My point being is that LH is normally produced in the pituitary. If you need LH, possibly because your other meds have suppressed your pituitary production, then your physician (or "a" physician) would probably want to explore something in the lines of Clomid, which might get your natural production working again (?).

HCG by itself can probably do what you are looking for, but just know things will return back to the atrophy phase when/if you stop taking HCG.
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