Best time to take DIM


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Dr prescribed 200mg of DIM to lower E for my wife. What is the best time take DIM and should it be taken with or without food? Any benefit to take 100mg in AM and 100mg in PM?

Nelson Vergel

What is your wife's total testosterone blood level? Is she pre or post menopausal ? DIM is not that great for estradiol control. If her T is on the high side, lowering it would be the best way to lower her E2.


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Nelson, her numbers are as follows:

Testosterone, Serum 17 ng/dL 8-48 01
Free Testosterone(Direct) 2.3 pg/mL 0.0-4.2 02

She is 48-yo and perimenopausal, Estradiol 460.0 pg/mL Her last period prior to the bloodwork was about 3-months, she has had one since.

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