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    ExcelMale members thoughts on dim?

    Hit there What’s people thoughts on dim? Does it work to lower estrogen and stop estrogen sides I’ve tried calcium d but didn’t like how it made me feel I’m looking at a natural way of controlling estrogen on my trt Before using aromasin I’ve lost weight and I don’t drink So...
  2. F

    DIM Timing

    CROSS POST FROM THE LADIES BOARD Dr prescribed 200mg of DIM to lower E for my wife. What is the best time take DIM and should it be taken with or without food? Any benefit to take 100mg in AM and 100mg in PM?
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    Best time to take DIM

    Dr prescribed 200mg of DIM to lower E for my wife. What is the best time take DIM and should it be taken with or without food? Any benefit to take 100mg in AM and 100mg in PM?
  4. D

    Myomin and Other Natural AIs

    What's up guys, Anyone have any experience using Myomin as a natural AI? I have seen some members use it here and there but not many accounts of running it all of the time. Seems to be effective from the reviews on Amazon and even seeing that some TRT doctors are recommending it first before...
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    Does DIM interfere with testosterone and block all androgen receptors?

    A few studies out there that seem to indicate that in addition to eliminating some estrogen metabolites, DIM can work similarly with testosterone. Research has classified it as a general ‘hormonal disrupter.’ Additionally, they affect (downwardly) androgen receptors. The studies performed...
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    DIM - Anti-androgen Clarification

    I understand DIM helps with estrogen metabolism and balancing the good and bad estrogens, but can we somehow clarify the studies that say DIM is a potent anti-androgen? Supposedly it binds to androgen receptors interfering with testosterone. Can anyone comment on this? I’ve taken 200 mg a day...
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    DIM anyone?

    Is anyone here using DIM instead of an AI for their trt?
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    Efficacy of dim / calcium d g

    Hey guys I’m curious to know if anyone has ran the dim200/day and CDG 500 2x a dat and what was the change in estrogen levels. Mine is usually around 30/3-33 at 31 test so I would like to keep the test upper normal and manage / lower the estrogen slightly without any AI. I know I can lower my T...
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    6 weeks in, TT at 330??? Low SHBG. DIM. HCG

    So I got my 6 week labs and it shows TT at 330, Estradiol at 43, SHBG 16.8 (started at 29 pre TRT) and Free T at just under 10 (they want me at 25 but I would take 15 to be honest). They have me dosed at 140mg Test Cyp weekly however after this lab they bumped me to 200mg weekly. I am doing much...
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    Does anyone use DIM for estrogen management?

    I tried the search function but "DIM" doesn't contain enough characters to preform a search.... Thanks!
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    DIM; Good or Bad to Modulate Estradiol?

    I've read that many on TRT supplement with DIM but just as many do not utilize it. Some believe it to be an estrogen blocker and others believe they haven't received any benefit from it. It may be one of those supplements where "YMMV" depending on your views and or results from supplementing...
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    Is DIM Worth Taking for Men on TRT?

    Hi everyone. Can anyone tell me if DIM is worth taking? It is fairly expensive in comparison to other supplements. Has anyone had any benefits and if so, are you still feeling them? What benefits do you feel? What are the benefits that somone should expect? Just wanted some advice before I...
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    Huge increase in libido with DIM

    I started taking DIM (2 capsules a day - DIM plus from Nature’s way) and my libido went through the roof (it was already good before starting DIM). So i stopped and resumed a few times to see if it was the DIM responsible for the boost in libido and it seems like it is. So if you have your lab...
  14. J


    When taking DHEA is it recommended to take an estrogen blocker like DIM? I’m taking 40 mg oh DHEA every night.
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    anastrozole vs dim

    Having joint pains and ED issues and feel that it may be due to the Anastrozole (.5 twice weekly). I have been on trt for 5 months and reviewing my past 3 labs, I need something to keep my estradiol down (40 to recently 20). My doctor states that I may be sensitive to the Anastrozole and wants...
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    Adex/DIM- Anyone have success with combo'd drug/ sides? Im gettting sides after 2 weeks

    Hey guys: 2 part question with background info: long time member/non-poster but active on facebook: Defy appears to be prescribing Adex/DIM compounded together at empower or APS. Anyone have any experience with efficacy vs standard Adex by itself? On my 2nd week dosage of .25mg/200mg Adex/DIM...
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    Starting on Anastrozole/dim

    So per my last labcorp lab results Dr. Crisler has decided to start me on anastrozole/dim .5MG/200MG twice a week with my test pins. My E levels are listed below... I know that Arimidex is commonly used to control E levels.. How will what I'm going to use compare to this? What can I expect to...
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    Doctor is suggesting bio DIM in place of Arimidex

    After an E2 crash from too much Arimidex, my dr wants me to look into Bio DIM instead. She says it's much safer, which i'm cool with because Arimidex freaks me out now. Do anyone have any thoughts? Suggestions? Had sensitive E2 taken a month ago and it was at 17, regular was at 52 a few weeks...
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