Androgel / Testogel / Tostran etc - how can they even work?

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Hi guys

without wanting to get into the gels vs. injectables discussion - plenty of threads on that here - there's one thing I don't understand.

A typical injection protocol seems to be around 100mg / week. (I assume people mean "effective dose" when they talk about it?)

For gels, it seems like a lot of people DO get results with 5 / 10g (50mg/100mg) and I've read several posts where gels brought people in the 900+ or or even 1000+ range.

Gels seem to be absorbed at a rate of around 10%, more or less.
So that would be 5mg/10mg daily - basically 35-70mg per week with this sort of protocol.

How can this bring levels up so high? this seems very little compared to the 100-200mg of injectables?

Thanks for explaining... I'm a bit confused.

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I used the 50 mg tube of gel per day. It would bring my total test from 160 to 325 for a short time during the day, then crash back down around 160. When I do .25 cc every other day of inject, my total test goes to 725. Some people would be in the 1000 range. Everyone is different.


.25 per day would mean roughly 1cc per week - I assume that would be 250mg of ester with around 180mg of pure testosterone?

That would be 5 times the dose of the 5mg from tubes, then?

That would make sense to raise you to higher levels - still, my question remains - how can these lower doses bring people up so high....
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