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  1. S

    New Testogel user

    I was diagnosed with low T symptoms. My initial blood test showed:- Total T 12.6 I then had a second test which showed:- Total T 10.3 SHBG 30 FAI 34.3 TSH 1.11 It was decided that I would be put on 2 pumps of Testogel 16.2 and retest in 6 weeks. This test came back as:- Total T 8.5 I...
  2. M

    TestoGel absorption rates - my observations: Are we overdosing with scrotum application?

    Hello everyone, I would like to discuss the following findings with you. A fit teenager produces approx. 7-10mg of testosterone per day. This would also be the dose that should be calculated as a "natural" substitute. But now the question keeps coming up of how much gel/cream is needed...
  3. M

    Testotop Gel - Manufacturer says 10min soaking time is sufficient?

    Hello everyone and thanks for this great forum! I have already been able to extract many tips. With regard to application, however, I still have one point which, according to the manufacturer's application instructions, contradicts the other tips. Here, 10 minutes application time is described...
  4. T

    will increasing testosterone help libido if T levels are not low?

    i have been considering testo-max or other non-intrusive booster to increase T levels in an effort to increase my libido, which is very low. however, my blood test shows T levels within normal range. could boosting T still help? p.s. i'm 47, i'm healthy with no medical issues and do crossfit...
  5. T

    Homemade testogel

    Hello, is it possible to make testogel from injection oil? I’ve read on another forum people disolving testo P using DMSO and successfully getting the ester to enter topically. I don’t want to use DMSO in my gel though, read some bad stuff about that, there’s a reason why pharma grade testogel...
  6. J

    Loss of sensitivity

    Hi, I've been reading quite a few posts on here on sensitivity, doesn't seem to be something many people have had a resoution on, but I'd be interested to know if anybody can help.... Since start of Jan (5 months ago) I've had a big loss in penis sensitivity I'm 44 so initially was just...
  7. G

    Can I apply Testogel on (bald) head, on face and neck?

    Hi everybody, I´m glad I found this forum. Looks pretty trustworthy. I will post an introduction later. At the moment I have this question: is ist possible to use testogel in the above manner? You may wonder why I am asking. Well, since the testogel has much alcohol in it, I thought why not...
  8. T

    TRT clinics in the EU/EEA

    Do you know of any clinics that offer remote treatment when you're living in another EU/EEA country? I know of balancemyhormones in the UK, but I figure Brexit might cause problems. As for why I'm looking into this, I'm on TRT and they only prescribe Testogel/Nebido where I live.
  9. T

    Anybody live in a country that mostly prescribes gel / nebido? Were you able to get enanthate/cyp?

    Question in the title. I've been on the gel for 3 months and I really want to try either enanthate or cypionate.
  10. T

    Looking for Ways to increase testogel absorption

    So I'm currently on TRT to help with my low T, however I have gone private here in the UK as my doctor said it would take roughly a year to get me in with a endocrinologist. The treatment I am on at the moment is 70mg T (one testogel sachet + 1pump) This is becoming quite expensive so I was...
  11. John89

    Low-T Diagnosis - Therapy Advice needed (male 30 y/o)

    Hello everybody, first off I want to say that this site has been a great resource for researching TRT and related subjects! I am a first-time-poster and would like to receive some input and advice on my current situation. I am majorly struggling with life right now and need some drastic change...
  12. B

    Too much testosterone - sexual side effects?

    Hi, I'm so happy I find this site - maybe I can get the answers that I have been looking for. I'm from Denmark and there is not that much knowledge about testosterone here. I will try to make a long story short. My boyfriend and I have been together for over 6 years. Let me start by saying...
  13. B

    Injection/application frequency vs AR receptors

    I remember someone posting on a different forum (can’t find the link now) of increased E2 levels on daily dosing vs. breaking up the same dose into 2-3x/week with T Enanthate. Aromatase activity seems to be higher when the peak and trough in T is eliminated from high-frequency dosing. I also see...
  14. K

    TestoGel / Creams etc: how long can you keep a stable serum level?

    I was wondering - Gels etc. have very short half-lives, usually a few hours from what I've read in studies like this one. Would that mean - if I go on a business trip abroad for a few days and happen to forget my gel, I'm in for a miserable experience because after 24-48 hours, stuff has...
  15. K

    Androgel / Testogel / Tostran etc - how can they even work?

    Hi guys without wanting to get into the gels vs. injectables discussion - plenty of threads on that here - there's one thing I don't understand. A typical injection protocol seems to be around 100mg / week. (I assume people mean "effective dose" when they talk about it?) For gels, it seems...
  16. D

    First blood test results.

    Hello again, Just got partial results back from first blood test after 3 weeks on Testogel 50mg per day - Testosterone has gone from 8.2 up to 10.34 SHBG from 20 down to 17 Every thing else is normal i`m told(it was a bit of a rushed phone call) My symptoms remain...
  17. D

    First blood test due tomorrow,testogel application time ?

    Hello all, I would have introduced myself(and will) but i have my first blood test tomorrow at 7pm after 14 days on testogel.I`m wondering if i should apply gel tomorrow morning as per normal or leave it out until post blood test,which would well in excess of 24 hrs since last application ...
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