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  1. D


    Anyone know of a good maybe excel template for tracking dose vs labs?
  2. S

    New User, Looking for advice, Questions about HCG, Thyroid, DHEA, etc.

    At age 33, After years of depression, anxiety, fatigue, weight gain, sleep problems, ed, etc. I convinced my doctor to test my hormones. I was specifically interested in my Cortisol levels due to prolonged profound amounts of physical anxiety. The results of what he tested were; Total...
  3. P

    what T level do you feel best at?

    I was wondering what Testosterone level you guys feel best at? Free and total. My first couple of years on TRT I felt amazing with a total T around 1000 and free T at 33. My last couple of blood test have been around 875 for TT and 21 for total T, E2 was 17. I did have a few pimples here and...
  4. H

    HCG Dose Question

    I've been on TRT since 2013 and I started at 250iu's of HCG twice a week and my testicles got softer and started shrinking. I immediately added a third shot (so now I was up to 250iu's on M-W-F) and it was fine. I then tried 150iu's per day and that went well too. I then read about fertility...
  5. djpreef

    How long for labs after dose change?

    I've been on TRT for four years. All this time, I've never gotten the libido benefits, real energy, etc., that others report. I've been on 120mg a week split into two injections. I was on HCG for years, ran out and didn't get more and noticed zero difference, so I'm not doing that anymore...
  6. J

    Arimidex dosage timing schedule²

    Hello everybody, I am from France but i will try to do my best so you can understand me. My protocol is : Daily test 16mg HCG 500ui 2times a week And i need an AI but i wonder what is the best option of timing I am lean, i eat clean, and i do cardio and some weight lifting 2 to 3 times a week...
  7. K

    Androgel / Testogel / Tostran etc - how can they even work?

    Hi guys without wanting to get into the gels vs. injectables discussion - plenty of threads on that here - there's one thing I don't understand. A typical injection protocol seems to be around 100mg / week. (I assume people mean "effective dose" when they talk about it?) For gels, it seems...
  8. keithc2485

    Levels normal but PROLACTIN off the CHARTS.....

    here is a copy of my current blood tests... from last week.... on 50mgs of androgel a day ...before i freak out and think i have a tumor on my putuatoary gland (sorry i suck at spelling) i want to point out i am on an opoid.....which i know can raise prolactin......also i have been under severe...
  9. littlecub85

    Level in DANGER off drop cant get my testosterone filled due PA n new b work wanted. HELP any answer

    HELLO, so ive been gratefull for this site now about a year on here. Im keith from NYC 31yo male had depression and paxil killed my libido along with other drugs ...got my t on track and now this.... My journey started about a year ago on TRT IM 100mg q 7 days i do it at home. i get pfizer...
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