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am doing some budget planning and wondering if the amazon generic test cyp is legit. I've been on grapeseed-based test cyp from a compounding pharmacy for a while now, am open to switch for the savings but don't want to switch if there are any negatives involved. Thanks.
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If you have a script test is not that expensive. Why would you want to try to risk a scam from Amazon. If you want to save money just buy needles. I’d save more money skipping a 6 pack of beer a month then I would scouring the internet for the cheapest pharmacy grade test.


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I've filled a script from Amazon Pharmacy for a benzodiazepine for sleep and it is as legit as they come. I chose it over other pharmacies because of the lower price.

I was hoping their home delivery will have the same real-time tracking on the map as some of the regular Amazon deliveries but they used UPS without a map. It turned out fine anyways but there was no way to predict the time of delivery.
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