75 FSH+500 HCG Two years of trt before and after sperm analysis

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Attached below results before I started TRT


And After almost two years of using 75mg FSH and 500 HCG EOD. Results below

Side note: before the test for one week I didn’t take any FSH or HCG as I was traveling.
Also note a considerable amount of time I was doing 250-300 HCG plus I tend to travel almost monthly for minimum 4-7 days which I don’t take any HCG or FSH.


Testosterone Protocol changed during this time but I always had FSH and HCG with it maybe at the beginning for few months I didn’t do FSH but after that it’s always there.as for testosterone iy changed from 100mg to 75mg currently during 20mg EOD.
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I am not an expert but I think in general my analysis seems fine maybe if I did take FSH and hcg for the week before my test my results would have been %100 matching if not better. Maybe it’s better even now not sure.

One thing for sure I will keep 75 FSH and 500hcg if not even less :)


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So trt with fsh and hcg, is doable.Cool , so whats the protocol? I see hcg eod, is 75 fsh eod also? thanks

I pm'd you too.
No I do this, but my testosterone protocol changed many times.

20mg EOD
75mg FSH EOD
300 to 500 EOd (( I used to do 300 or 250 but was concerned and increased it to 500 after))

Because I travel a lot I would say I am one week off on average every month !! Also when I did this test I was coming back from 4 days trip which I didn’t take any hcg and FSH.

I did this test cuz I had to go to the United States for 20 days this is a very long trip and wanted to know how are my numbers before I stop.

This is the first time I do sperm analysis since I started trt.


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So I take it, you're not buying your FSH and HCG from the United States. But from Kuwait?
Yes from kuwait, you can easily get them here, it’s not as strict as the u.s.
I get a prescription from any doctor and get it. Although it’s only sold in some pharmacies not all.


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So on ur protocol it costs u around $77/ week roughly?
Yes only for FSH, then you add HCG I am not sure how much is it but wasn’t expensive at all, I can let you know once I am back “I am currently in New York”.
As for the sustanon I get it for around 7$ for one vail 250mg.
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