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  1. O

    Cold turkey bloodwork - 6 weeks since last shot (576 ng/dl!!!)

    I'll start with a bit of background. I have been on AAS/TRT for ~8 years. The first 5 or so full blown steroid use and the last 2.5/3 years on TRT. I never used hcg while on AAS and sporadically on TRT. I pposted this thread on Nov 16 looking to lower my trt dose after a off the charts FT and...
  2. S

    FSH availability?

    I was getting it from revive pharmacy but it’s on back order, does anyone have a pharmacy option for injectible FSH? Thanks
  3. J

    Semen Analysis Results

    I was on 70mg test cyp and 750 IU hCG twice a week when I took these. I'm planning on upping hCG to 1000 IU, probably decreasing testosterone, and adding 125 IU FSH twice a week. I will redo my semen analysis in 4 months. Anyone have any suggestions? Should I alter any of those doses or...
  4. F

    Recombinant FSH

    I've heard some guys say they get a big libido boost from using recombinant FSH. Has anyone here experienced the same?
  5. A

    Struggling to get pregnant

    Hey Folks, I'll try to keep this short and to the point. I've been on TRT for about 5 years now. About a year and half ago, we were able to get pregnant once my doctor added FSH to my current regimen of Test. However, we had a miscarriage. Unfortunately, FSH is no longer able to be compounded...
  6. G

    Restoring testicular size with FSH and HCG

    Hi guys, I have a question that I haven’t ever seen properly answered. I decided a month ago to contact Defy and attempt to improve my fertility. I made some unfortunate choices when I was younger, using testosterone and pro hormones like superdrol for excessively long periods of time. I...
  7. Z

    FSH level on transdermal estrogen

    HRT regime Transdermal estrogen, Oestrogel, 2 pumps each morning, a total of 1500 micrograms Half the month also take Utrogestan (progesterone) 2 per night, a total of 200mg 50-year-old female, a few months on HRT, still having periods. Test Results Test was in the morning, during the...
  8. H

    Primary, secondary or mixed both?

    Hello guys, what do you think, is this secondary or primary hypogonadism, or both in mixed? Ran couple bloodworks, months between them. Went to the Urology who checked my testicles they were small-normal(borderline arthropy) and soft. Then i went to the testicle ultrasound and they ultrasounded...
  9. M

    75 FSH+500 HCG Two years of trt before and after sperm analysis

    Attached below results before I started TRT BEFORE: ————————————————————— And After almost two years of using 75mg FSH and 500 HCG EOD. Results below Side note: before the test for one week I didn’t take any FSH or HCG as I was traveling. Also note a considerable amount of time I was doing...
  10. D

    Exogenous r-FSH & HPTA

    Would adding exogenous r-FSH shut down the HPTA? I have searched for this question in the forums and online. Have not found much, but I do not think that it would. My understanding is that hcg does. My LH is in a good spot and I was thinking of perhaps adding some FSH alone.
  11. T

    fsh - info and why so expensive

    I've only started researching fsh so probably a bit cheeky to ask without making more effort. Fertility aside, why is it beneficial? Effect of TRT vs hCG/FSH on upstream hormone pathways. This post covers some of it. I'll have to read it more clearly, and generally some extra info, to see the...
  12. A

    Low LH and FSH

    Hi guys, Hope everyone is staying safe, 30 yr old, good health, no medication. Feeling fatigued, brain fog, no motivation and indecisive asf, low semen volume. Got various blood done on different occasions, my doctor is useless so I used a private clinic I paid for, got bloods done on 6...
  13. H

    Are there any problems with having zero gonadotrophin?

    I've been on TRT for 6 years now and I have no complaints. It's been wonderful for me. I'm on 4 pumps of Androgel daily with 500iu's of HCG every other day. I remember reading, a long time ago, that HCG is recommended with TRT and one of the reasons is that it'll activate LH receptors across...
  14. J

    Still have not figured out why i have high LH but low FSH before I started

    anyone have any idea on this? Ive never seen this before anywhere LH 12.3 ref 1.7-8.6 FSH 2.9 ref 1.5-12.4 total T 440 free T 11.7
  15. T

    HMG and FSH prices??

    I’m having such a hard time getting a good idea of pricing on these two meds. Empower is telling me they need to see my prescription before they give me a price quote. My Dr is willing to write a prescription for either but I’d like to know pricing before I decide. Anyone? And for that matter...
  16. A

    HCG Dosage for Primary Hypogonadism

    Hello Experts, I am new to the group but have been doing small research for a long time. I understand that the normal dosage for TRT is 75mg testosterone biweekly and 500iu HCG Biweekly for someone who wants to maintain fertility while on TRT (Assuming there testicles are working fine). So, Now...
  17. J

    Hcg and levels of LH and FSH

    Hi everybody stopped by to ask a question to see if anybody could help me out. I was curious if my luteinizing hormone and my follicle stimulating hormone levels are going to change with my HCG that I'm taking? I have been on a certain amount of HCG but my blood work is still showing my LH and...
  18. T

    T + HCG + (FSH or HMG)?

    My NP is giving me the option of HMG or FSH. I already take about 500iu of HCG per week (split into two, any more aromatizes). Any reason to go for FSH over the HMG....cost, effect?
  19. T

    TRT while fixing fertility?

    I've been using steroids for 22 years (I'm 40). It started with bodybuilding (1000mg test, 600mg deca, 140mg Dbol/week) for a few years, then maintaining size (400-600mg of mostly testosterone/week). For the last 3 years it's been TRT with labs at 200mg/week. I've actually lowered it to...
  20. D

    Fertility Recovery - Wife Unimpressed With Sterility

    Been on TRT for about 2.5 years. 34 year old male. I have 2 kids and want to keep the party going with a 3rd, possibly even 4th. Hopefully some information that comes out of this can help someone else. Of course, I am hoping it will help me too. I've spent about 4 weeks reading info here and I...
  21. J

    TRT+ HCG+FSH Dosage

    I know there is a thread related to this but it was old and i thought i will create a new one. So I have low testosterone and also low sperm count coupled with tons of issues like ED, high cholestrol, low RBC to name a few. So I am planning to start the below mentioned dose and check my blood...
  22. R

    TRT - HCG - FSH - Clomid? Dr. Saya?

    So, I've been on TRT alone from 9/13 - 11/18. Felt absolutely amazing for about 2 years and then began chasing the dragon after a massive drop in mood and effect. I over respond to adex (.012 once a week puts me at 5 on the sensitive), SHBG hovers between 19 and 27 and T is in the 850-1000...
  23. Focus

    Regaining Fertility; TRT+HCG+FSH

    I’m very grateful for this forum and the information I have gotten from it is excellent. I am a 48 year old man that has been on TRT since 2008. My wife and I want to have a baby now. Semen analysis pre 2008 was good on volume, motility etc. After TRT it went to 0. I decided to get off of TRT...
  24. Nelson Vergel

    Benefits of Therapies for Improved Semen Parameters, Pregnancy and Live Birth Rates in Couples with Infertility

    Eur Urol. 2019 Jan 7. pii: S0302-2838(18)31027-3. doi: 10.1016/j.eururo.2018.12.022. [Epub ahead of print] Benefits of Empiric Nutritional and Medical Therapy for Semen Parameters and Pregnancy and Live Birth Rates in Couples with Idiopathic Infertility: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis...
  25. T

    Has anyone tried adding FSH to their protocol?

    I've seen a couple of short lived threads on the topic, but nothing noteworthy or recent. I'm thinking of adding a low dose of FSH (perhaps 35iu per week to start) to my protocol (30mg Test Cyp EOD, 250iu EOD) to see how it may effect other areas of wellbeing and function aside from just...
  26. Z

    Yet another fertility, ancillary case following long term TRT

    Hey everyone. I know a lot of this topic has been covered a few times, but since every case is different I figured I would start an original post and invite input from the entire community. Ill put as much detail as possible. A brief bio: 40yo retired military, Registered dietitian and...
  27. L

    Do I Have Primary or Secondary Hypogonadism?

    Pre-TRT, my FSH was 3.9 in a range of 1.5-12.4 (mIU/ml) from Lab Corp. LH wasn't tested, but TSH was 2.81 with range .450-4.500. Total T was 292 out of 348-1197. Because my FSH was on the lower range, does that mean I am secondary? I was never told anything by the doctor, who was horrible...
  28. D

    Low LH and FSH. Advice and expectations.

    Been on TRT for 28 months. Prior to starting therapy, my wife and I conceived our two year old son during the first month of trying. So no fertility issue before TRT. We have been trying for our second child for six months now without any luck. Dr started me two months ago on empower HCG...
  29. N

    FSH and LH almost zero but midrange T

    I have the following lab results and I'm very confused: FSH - 0.1 in a 1.5 to 12.4 range LH 0.1 in a 1.7 to 8.6 range I'm already on TRT with Nebido, last shot that was supposed to last for 3 months was 22 days ago and my Total T is 446 and Free T is 15.26. I understand FSH and LH reduce with...
  30. M

    Checking LH and FSH straight away ?

    After pretty much a decade of losing time with antidepressants and antipsychotics, I am now approaching my new doctor with the concept of low T. She is willing to test my total and free testosterone, but she says the rest isn't important for now. Is that true ? Is there not a possibility that...
  31. Airborne Warrior

    Questions regarding low LH, FSH, FT

    My LH is low at: 0.3 IU/L (1.70 = 8.60) As is my FSH at: 0.3 IU/L (1.50 - 12.40). What is the best method of raising? More HCG? More testosterone? Or a combination of both? Also my FT is low at 0.4 nmol/L (0.30 - 1.00). Again, what is the best method of raising? More HCG? More testosterone...
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