22y/o - sudden weight gain on trt

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Wondering if this is a cortisol issue

22 yrs old, TRT + HCG for about 7 months

Background: suffered from all symptoms of low test except for issues with weight.
I was tested 6 months prior to starting trt at serum 490ng/dL (low for my age but not devastating) tested again a month before starting at 391ng/dL (70 year old man levels)
Not diagnosed but treated as hypogonadal

Initial protocol: Cypionate 200ml/week + 1500 IU of HCG for about a month.
Current protocol: 100ml/week split up into two injections + 250 IU two days before as well as day before each test injection (total of 1000 IU)

To keep it short, so far so good until recently encountering sudden weight gain. Out of nowhere I put on a little more belly and a little side handles as well as facial bloating (moon face) like my metabolism said I’m done being in my 20’s. I have a good idea of where my E2 sweet spot is and when I need to take the occasional AI, but I don’t think estradiol is the culprit. (Unless it’s intratesticular or something I can’t control possibly?) I can’t tell if it’s water weight or fat in my abdomen and face. I’m thinking it’s increased cortisol... idk some insight would be great!

If y’all would like to see labs let me know but everything is generally good, test is in the 800’s
Prolactin was on the brink of being elevated (15.9) but that’s about the only negative.
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Always a good idea to post recent labs. Weight gain (water) and facial flushing is something I associate with high E2, but let’s see what your labs are.
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