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  1. J

    Can TRT produce or influence to gain weight?

    Dear Excelmale friends, I have been using a 50mgs TRT gel for about two months. My life has improved in a certain way but I have put on weight in a way that it makes me worry. From 83.7 kgs I am now about 88 kgs. It is true that sometimes summer is responsible for this but last year and the...
  2. M

    CPAP Use Found to Cause Weight Gain?

    Just got this blog from Dr. Steven Park, a board-certified ENT doc. It caught my attention due to the fact that I had been steady on CPAP starting about 4 years back with many adjustments since. Cut to: Current time: 25lbs heavier despite same energy (calorie) intake and same, if not more...
  3. S

    Weight Gain on HCG?

    I went back on HCG 250IU twice a week. Its been about 5 weeks now and I have put on about 10 pounds. I don't recall this happening in the past. I am curious if others have gained weight on HCG
  4. T

    Tired and holding water

    Hi Guys, I started on trt in April and have been adjusting then doses to a final of 100 of test cyp at 2 shots of 50 a week every 3.5 days, to shots a week of Hcg at 500 each and a half mg of arimidex a week. All of my numbers are good my rbc, hemocrat, and hemoglobin, have all leveled out...
  5. S

    Weight gain on trt

    I’ve been on trt 11 years and all in all I’m doing pretty well. The one thing I’ve always had issues with while on trt is the inability to lose weight and just being more flabby than when I was natural. I’m sure a good deal of it’s water weight because the higher my dose the worse it is. Before...
  6. N

    22y/o - sudden weight gain on trt

    Wondering if this is a cortisol issue 22 yrs old, TRT + HCG for about 7 months Background: suffered from all symptoms of low test except for issues with weight. I was tested 6 months prior to starting trt at serum 490ng/dL (low for my age but not devastating) tested again a month before...
  7. P

    Lifting and Weight Gain on TRT (26 Years Old/165 lbs)

    Hi All, TLDR and protocol at the bottom! I will be starting TRT tomorrow when my prescription arrives. I am an avid lifter and have been consistently working out and dieting for the past five years or so. Including tracking meals calories and macros down to the T. I am about to start a bulking...
  8. C

    Losartan and weight gain

    Just left my PCP's office with a prescription for losartan after several office visits of 150/90 (average daily readings run around 135/85, but there are obviously some spikes). Being my first time to take medication for BP, the Dr. allowed me to choose what to take and, based largely on the...
  9. L

    Starting out

    Hello all! I just turned 50 and just started on TRT 100ml Cyp weekly. I'm four weeks in and feeling better, but adding weight. I've had issues with low calorie weight gain for years, and hoped it was my low T. Healthy diet, between 1300 and 1800 calories a day, up to 2300 some days. About 10...
  10. W

    Does TRT cause weight gain?

    I have been eating much better and lifting weights and doing some cardio for 8 months. I have made some muscle gains but not really burning much fat around the abdomen. People have complemented me on losing weight though. Scale won't budge either.
  11. J

    New TRT and Weight-Water Gain - Normal?

    Prior to starting TRT two weeks ago I lost several pounds over several weeks. I was averaging about 1 pound per week due to eating clean and going to gym a few days per week. The week I started TRT I dialed in the nutrition even further by tracking macros in Fitness Pal and added a couple of...
  12. Nelson Vergel

    Best Selling Medications in the U.S. and Their Effect on Body Weight

    This is a very interesting table that shows how certain prescription medications may affect body weight. Source: http://www.rhc.ac.ir/Files/Download/pdf/nursingbooks/Advancing%20Medicine%20with%20Food%20and%20Nutrients-2013-cd.pdf
  13. Nelson Vergel

    I am too skinny and can't get weight

    Best way to gain weight and want to eat? QUESTION: I watched some videos from Dr Vergel regarding weight gain but nothing seems to work on me. I can't sit around and eat all day long all these shakes and meals that all these workout enthusiasts say to do... I just don't get the appetite for it...
  14. J

    Weight gain on Testosterone

    Have not posted in a while. Just to update, within the last month, my endo switched me off of Clomid and onto injections. I am doing Test Cypionate 100mg weekly intramuscular, no labs scheduled for a while so not sure the impact on my levels. I was testing around 500 on the Clomid, but...
  15. Nelson Vergel

    Prescription Medications for the Treatment of Obesity

    Health care providers often use the body mass index (BMI) to help decide who may benefit from weight-loss drugs. BMI estimates overweight and obesity based on your height in relation to your weight. Your doctor may prescribe you a medication to treat your obesity if you are an adult with a BMI...
  16. jger242

    jger242 labs - questions

    I have several different problems. Any assistance is appreciated. 1. Low average daily body temp (97.1 average daily temp) occassionally rises to 98.0 - 98.5 after training. 2. Inability to lose weight. I have tried several different plans: increased activity (cardio, etc) reduced calories...
  17. jger242

    Thyroid and several other issues need advice

    I have several different problems. Any assistance is appreciated. 1. Low average daily body temp (97.1 average daily temp) occassionally rises to 98.0 - 98.5 after training. 2. Inability to lose weight. I have tried several different plans: increased activity (cardio, etc) reduced calories...
  18. Nelson Vergel

    Are You Gaining Weight Without a Reason?

    This excellent review shows the lab tests required to determine if your weight gain is caused by hormone problems Hormone imbalances and weight gain are very closely related. Several endocrine disorders such as hypothyroidism or Cushing’s syndrome may present as unintentional weight gain...
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