1st ketamine treatment for depression

I have an 8 year old granddaughter, who is very intelligent. Top percent for her age group in math and comprehension. She suffers from many mental issues, ADHD, anxiety and anger issues. She does go to school full-time and see his psychologist regularly. I wonder if ketamine treatment would help her. I have a call in at our local Clinic, waiting for them to call me back.
I would recommend IASIS Neurofeedback for her. I have tried it's the real thing. Finding it near you may be difficult, but maybe open a business and do it yourself.
Please tell us more. I went to their website but did not see details on how it works.
IASIS Neurofeedback is fairly new technology that, unlike other Neurofeedback, is completely passive - meaning it requires zero effort on part of patient. The technology has been tested at UCSD by researcher Dr. Mingxiong Huang. He was very skeptical at first but a small pilot study showed promising results in PTSD symptoms in veterans. I'll have to try to find the study and post it. But, the results were enough to get more research funding...

Studies using electrical stimulation, neuroimaging aim for new insights on TBI, PTSD

If you look on YouTube, you will see lots of testimonials. I tried a course of it when I was in benzo-withdrawal he77 and it definitely calmed me down and improved sleep. Now that I am farther away from Benzo withdrawal Id like to try it again to help with ADHD and general feelings of always being ramped up.

A typical treatment lasts about 20 minutes and should be received 2x per week for a few weeks. Maybe 5 weeks. The woman I received the treatments from said often people go down to 1x per month as maintenance or visit her as needed. She identified 1 former NHL hockey player whose name I wont mention. He was in a bruiser in the league and post-retirement had violent tendencies and growing drinking problem - he credited IASIS with helping him get his life in order. She has seen NFL players as well (her practice is in an NFL city).

Treatment was $100 per, so not cheap. But can often packages can be found. I have been tempted to find myself an LPN and open shop. The owner of the technology prefers people with medical training to administer it, but it really anyone can do it.

I'll be curious where this goes in coming years. If I was rich, Id buy a system and do it at home 1x a week :)