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  1. Drug350

    6 weeks on TRT - Is there a Honeymoon Phase or Too high a Dose Perhaps ???

    I don't want to make this post too long, so I'll condense as much as possible. 54 yrs old, been feeling shitty for several years. My testosterone came back as follow: Testosterone = 169 NGDL Free Testosterone = 3.1 NGDL Bioavailable Testosterone = 72.6 NGDL SHBG = 34 nmol/L TSH = 2.64 uiU/ml...
  2. R

    TRT Since 2013 - Feeling Worse Than Ever

    Hey guys, I'll be brief, just looking for some feedback. Been on TRT since 2013 due to a testicular injury suffered in the gym. T never recovered past 300 total after surgery, so here I am. First doc was the urologist, 200mg IM every 2 weeks. Felt amazing for like 3 months and then the...
  3. Z

    Feel worse with higher test levels

    I’m seeing a lot more post with people who have test levels above 1000 who feel crappy. Even with everything else in range e2, DHT, prolactin etc. I’ve also have seen post of people almost using microdose amounts and feeling way better. My question is, is this the new thing? Because my doctor...
  4. G

    Libido Lost

    A little background info. I have a pituitary tumor, diagnosed in 2018. Been on TRT since 2019. On thyroid meds, and cortisol is ok. I've been taking HGH .4 once a day for 2 months roughly. Its killing my libido, and I dont understand why. I took HGH a year ago, and the same thing happen, and I...
  5. T

    Low libido - subclinical hypothyroidism? Iodine deficiency?

    Hello, is it possible have low libido and poor erection due to low iodine? And I also have symptoms as hypothyroidism (hair loss, dry skin, cold intolerance, poor memory and concentration)? My blood results: TSH varies from 3.7 to 1.98 (0.350 - 4.94) Ant TG: <15 (0 - 115) FT4: 12.45 (9.01 -...
  6. C

    Just started trans-scrotal cream 3 days ago. How long does it take to notice a difference.

    Hello all, I started on 75mg a day a couple days ago after my labs showed test in the gutter. I know that it takes about 3 weeks to see the first changes from injections but can’t find anything about the cream. I thought this was due to levels having to stabilize as it is an ester, however the...
  7. S

    Pygeum - can it lower libido?

    Is Pygeum worth experimenting with? Libido is already an issue for me and I've been trying to improve it for ages. Since Pygeum decreases DHT I'm guessing it can have harmful effects on my libido. I did notice great effects from an alpha blocker - Doxazosin. Thoughts on adding Pygeum to the...
  8. N

    Semax for libido

    I have recently been watching vigorous Steve talk about semax and how good it was for his libido .. has anyone used this and had libdio enhancing effects?
  9. C

    Libido Supplements

    I have posted on this board in the past regarding TRT and libido. I had briefly dabbled with self prescribed TRT a few years back. It was initially amazing (honeymoon) with regards to energy and libido but that quickly paled in the face of the negative sides I experienced. I ultimately stopped...
  10. M

    Stopped HCG, better libido and daily morning wood.

    As all of you I am still looking for the best protocol. I consistently noticed everytime instop HCG I see increase in libido. Currently I went off hcg and it’s been one and half month almost two month. Consistent morning wood and increased libido.finishing the job not easy yet all other...
  11. T

    Proviron vs DHT gel?

    Hi, Firstly to introduce myself I’m 34 years old and have been on TRT now for 1 year at a dosage of 100mg Test E twice weekly. Feeling overall good during this time however my libido and erectile function could be better. Recent bloodwork shows my DHT levels to be slightly below midrange even...
  12. B

    Iron on TRT? - No libido

    26m who has struggled on TRT for a long time. In summer 2021 was prescribed test cypionate which immediately causes complete loss of libido, which only returned about 6 weeks after cessation of treatment. Testosterone did not naturally recover (although libido did), and resumed treatment this...
  13. L

    Symptoms of Low T Except Libido and Erections Still Good

    Hello All, About 6 months ago I started weight training with body trainer. He said I was one of his hardest working clients but noticed I was not making muscle. He said it would be a good idea to get T tested. I read up more on low T issues and sure enough I have some symptoms: Insomnia...
  14. C

    Prostate Supplement causing decreased libido?

    Just curious. I am 55. Over the last few years I've developed some bph symptoms. The usual, up a few times through the night, bit of dribble etc...I started taking an otc supplement "Super Prostate" from Webber Naturals. It contains Saw palmetto liposterolic extract 125mg, Stinging nettle...
  15. N

    Gnrh hormone and Lh no libido

    Hi all. Back in 2017 I started antidepressants... These wrecked my sex drive ( now a well known fact that the doctor didn't tell me .) I eventually came off them but my libido was very low . I had my testosterone checked which was low . I was put on nebido . Then went on to testosterone C ...
  16. G

    T Propionate protocol

    Hello there. What is your experience with T Propionate in terms of protocol, side effects, efficiency? I am wondering what dosage to start with and when I can expect libido, mental state and erections to improve. I would also like to know how to get off it if it does not work well.
  17. A

    Help! Insomnia, Irritability, and Libido Issues on TRT

    Here's my most recent bloodwork with an SHBG of 38 I was on 250 mg test C split into daily injections as well as 150 IU HCG ED. I was also taking 100 mg pregnenolone before bed because my pre-TRT progesterone was 0.1 I have been waking up too early (after 6 hours in bed) and unable to go back...
  18. L

    Clomid and Sex Drive / Libido

    Hi All, I've been on clomid for a few months and have been noticing some changes in my sex drive and libido. I got on clomid purely to boost my testosterone for mild anabologic effects. My T was already pretty strong at 750 ng/dl. Dr. Saya put me on clomid, 12.5mg per day, and my levels...
  19. T

    Why does proviron stop working after a week even on trt?

    Hey guys, Recently I added proviron to my protocol and it was the first time ever since starting trt that I felt dialed in (libido wise), except maybe for the honeymoon period but even then not as good. It only lasted like 4-5 days and now I am back to square one even though I keep taking...
  20. R

    Thoughts about libido

    When a doctor asks how your libido is, what do you think about when coming up with your reply and what do you say? For me currently, I would say my mental interest in sex is as strong as it's ever been, however I don't feel horny as strongly or as often as I used. And when I engage is sex...
  21. FunkOdyssey

    Libido: hCG vs higher T / E2

    When people say that hCG improves libido, it seems like a huge confounding factor to me that it also substantially increases your testosterone level and especially your E2, while reducing the T/E2 ratio. Has anyone achieved the same or very similar levels of T and E2 both on and off hCG to...
  22. M

    Scrotal cream and erection issues

    I was on scrotal cream for a couple of years and had great results. Wonderful labs. Muscles mass, energy, even libido was great. All except my actual erections. I had amazing libido, but when it came time to actually perform, there was a 50/50 chance of it happening, and if it did happen it was...
  23. S

    Andrographis is a libido booster for me

    I take Andrographis when I need an immunity boost, but I noticed on several occasions already that in a few hours after I take it, I experience a sudden interest in sex. I am a 49yo male and feel horny extremely RARELY. Andrographis seems to dilate the varicose veins in my legs (they start...
  24. F

    Trying TRT again, everything perfect on cream except libido

    After being off TRT for close to a year and trying enclomiphene and clomid a few times, I have decided to try TRT again. On either therapy I had poor energy and low libido, lost most of my muscle, etc. I started using the cream about 7 weeks ago from Med quest, applied daily to my inner...
  25. B

    Consistent ED & Low Libido

    Long-time lurker, I usually just enjoy reading the forums but I've been having a problem that I can't seem to resolve. I'm 37 and have been on TRT since I turned 31 after repeatedly testing in the low 200's and having no libido/ED. Those issues have been hit or miss the whole time though, there...
  26. C

    No libido, unable to orgasm

    So I've been off testosterone for four months. Didn't do much of a PCT. Tried clomid briefly - it was awful, tried a few test booster and "pct" supplements - who really knows if they work or not. I'm not feeling awful but I am feeling sub-par. Still trying to work out at least 5 times a week...
  27. T

    Hcg, Pregnenolone Temporary Sex Drive Increase

    Hello everyone, Ive been struggling with sex drive ever since starting trt and before. The only times i had normal sex drive was when i introduced something new to my protocol like a higher dose, hcg and before trt when adding a high dose serm. But its always short lived. Low dose hcg does...
  28. J

    Post-PCT 2 months, and I still have NO libido at all. {Labs posts}

    LH cut off. It’s 3.1 (1.5-9.3 scale) I’m about 2 months post-PCT, and taking nothing at all anymore. My libido is still SO low…almost nonexistent. Not even close to how it was before I started TRT. And when I orgasm, it is still just a dribble. Not much volume to it at all. But these labs all...
  29. J

    Anastrozole effects in the brain

    (Moving this to a new thread since it is a different topic) I am harping on this as I was doing pretty well on TRT with less than 100mg Testosterone Cypionate once a week plus 250IU HCG twice a week. Strong libido, good erections, etc. At that time, if I took 5mg cialis I could feel the effect...
  30. C

    Information about Proviron

    Hi all, I have been looking into Proviron as of late as I have been experiencing lower than normal libido. I dabbled with low dose testosterone cycles over the past few years as my test levels indicated low normal. I am currently not taking anything and haven't for a few months now. I really...
  31. S

    Worsening Symptoms, "Dead Penis"

    Instead of taking Defy's dosing advice, I tried going "low and slow" for six weeks, but my libido and sensitivity completely dried up after a couple of weeks. Defy had recommended 100 mg T cypionate/week, divided into three doses, but I went with 10 mg/daily. They have also recently added hCG...
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