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Nelson Vergel

Founder, ExcelMale.com
If you have arrived at this page, we know that you are looking for cutting-edge science-based health information, products and services.

Whether you are new in your search or tired of visiting sites polluted with bogus anabolic steroid supplement ads, unmoderated forums with no enforced code of conduct and unsubstantiated health claims, the EXCELMALE team of men is here to help.

We believe that true synergy among people who want to maximize health only happens if everyone feels safe and supported in their exchanges. This why we developed EXCELMALE as a safe platform where men can privately and securely share information and experiences about health and productivity. It is moderated daily for content and enforcement of a code of conduct by our senior team.

We are here to ensure this is a good experience for all men regardless of their educational level and background.

You will see no ads for bogus products that have not been reviewed by a trusted panel of experts. You will be encouraged to add your own reviews to products and services so that others learn from your experience.

If you register to become part of our team, you will find well organized archives of articles, forum chats, product reviews, videos and podcasts for easy access to common answers found by the respective keyword.

If you chose, you will receive daily or weekly updates on new heath/productivity research and sign up for free educational podcasts and webinars with experts in areas related to hormones, exercise, nutrition, supplementation, neurotransmitters, diagnostics, pharmaceuticals, behavior modification, and goal setting.
You can chose just to observe or post anytime.

We hope you join us to explore the power of community wisdom.
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Not open for further replies.
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