Survey of Urologists Reveals What They Use for Men's Sexual Dysfunction

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Worth quoting the whole abstract:

Men’s Health is a urological subspecialty that is at the forefront of innovation, but little data exist evaluating the attitudes that andrologists have toward the current treatment modalities available for managing Men’s Health conditions. A survey of 37 questions asking what providers would choose as treatment for common conditions was distributed online via Survey Monkey to members of the Sexual Medicine Society of North America and European Society for Sexual Medicine. A total of 115 respondents completed the survey after an initial screening question. For erectile dysfunction (ED), 40%, 38%, and 33% of providers indicated that they would use tadalafil daily, tadalafil on demand, or sildenafil on demand, respectively, as first-line phosphodiesterase 5 inhibitor therapy. Furthermore, a total of 74% would elect to undergo low-intensity shockwave therapy [67%], platelet rich plasma injections [15%], and stem cell injections [15%]. Sex/behavioral therapy was preferred for both premature (36%) and delayed (52%) ejaculation. Approximately 44% of respondents indicated that they would undergo Collagenase Clostridium Histolyticum injections for Peyronie’s Disease in the acute phase. In the setting of hypogonadal symptoms with borderline low total testosterone levels (300–400 ng/dL), 69% of respondents would pursue testosterone therapy. The prostatic lift procedure was the preferred procedure for men seeking symptom resolution with preservation of ejaculatory function. Many Men’s Health specialists would pursue the least invasive options before considering procedural intervention for any given condition. Providers may shift their treatment preferences toward newer treatment modalities as longer term data become available.
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