Surgery for premature ejaculation (alaa aglan operation)

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Alaa Aglan

Introduction: Alaa aglan operation consists of two parts. Cutting bulbospongiosus muscles bilaterally, And excision of elliptical part of the frenular delta. The operation has its own prediction test. It is easy just spraying local anesthesia ( Procmail 10%®) at the coronal ridge ( inhibits glans-bulbospongiosus reflex ) and at the frenular delta ( temporary excision ) 30 minutes before having sex. The operation could be reversed by repairing the muscles again.

Methods: 1050 Cases were operated between 1/1/2015 and 3/10/2015 follow up was done at 1,3,6,12 months intervals then yearly (5 years duration).

Results: The satisfaction rate was 99.6% due to the prediction test application, in our early trials beyond this study Satisfaction rate was 71% (without the prediction test). Side effects were minimal, No regression in results in any patient during the following up period. Only 4 patients were not satisfied although the operation was successful. 1st patient complained of neuroma due to adhesions post-operative, Adhesiolysis was done, total relief of pain was reported by the patient immediately postoperative, 2nd patient reported that the distance of expulsion of semen from penile orifice decreased in comparison to that before surgery. 3rd patient-reported hematoma, Evacuation was done without complications. 4th patient reported that he lost the sensation of repetitive contraction of muscles in peno-scrotal area during ejaculation. Many patients reported an absence or decrease in the number of wet dreams post-operative.

Conclusion: Alaa aglan operation is a safe, immediate, curative technique for premature ejaculation treatment provided that the prediction test shows a good response.
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The combined effect of cutting of bulbospongiosus and frenular delta excision is the best Surgical technique to treat and improve ejaculation time, muscle cutting could be done without frenular delta excision and the opposite could be done also but the combined.

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Immediate curative and permanent treatment of premature ejaculation (Alaa Aglan operation) 2018
Alaa Aglan

Objective: To present the ‘Alaa Aglan operation’ for immediate curative and permanent treatment of premature ejaculation, as premature ejaculation is a common male sexual disorder and although there are some medications used for this problem there is no definite medical treatment, and current surgical options are not very effective with high recurrence and low success rates.

Methods: The present study shows the effectiveness of cutting the bulbospongiosus muscle bilaterally and frenular delta excision for treatment of premature ejaculation to delay the time to ejaculation in normal men. The study was conducted from 06/04/2011 to 06/04/2016 and included 60 men.

Results: The operation success rate was 96.6%, with immediate results after the first intercourse, usually 3 weeks after surgery. The intravaginal ejaculation latency time increased by 200–1000%, patients with a latency time of <2 min usually reached 8 min and in some reached 20 min following the surgery. Whilst patients with a latency time of >5 min, the latency time increased up to 15–20 min and some reached 30 min following the surgery The result is permanent.

Conclusion: The described surgery is an effective treatment for premature ejaculation. In this study, we also explain why some patients do not respond to local anesthesia applied to glans.


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