How to Stop Antidepressants Safely

Nelson Vergel

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"I'd originally gone on Zoloft [sertraline, a common antidepressant] in an effort to get off marijuana," recalls Ray, 43, a New York City public-relations professional diagnosed with HIV in 2004. But once Ray finally kicked pot, he decided to taper off the Zoloft over the course of six weeks -- and that's where things got unpleasant.

"At random moments throughout the day, it was like a bug zapper was going off in my brain," he recalls. "I'd be dizzy and disoriented. I told my doctor, and he said all that was normal, so I just put up with all of it because I wanted to get off Zoloft. But it wasn't fun."

Antidepressants Can Be Hard to Withdraw From. Here's How to Do It Right.