Has anyone stopped TRT and had libido improve?

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Thats because the body knows how to get that dht:e2 balance just right. Where as on trt if you cant find that balance you will actually be worse off.
I quit cold turkey once and tried a clomid recovery protocol once. Both times my libido actually increased for a brief time around the 7-10 day mark. After a couple of weeks though, it went to shit and I felt like a teenage girl after that. Funny thing is, I tested twice in the 260s when I first went on 10 years ago and libido was never one of my problems.
I’ve been off test cyp for 10 weeks, and quit my tamoxifen (as part of Hpta restart) a month ago.
My sex drive is about the same as I was on trt and definitely better than it ever was before trt.

I guess we will see if it continues. It did take a nose dive to essentially no sex drive while on tamoxifen and for the first two weeks after quitting tamoxifen. It began coming back then and has now returned to normal/healthy.
Are you feeling pretty well energy wise and emotionally?
It’s been a roller coaster up until a couple weeks ago. The biggest issue has been my sleep which has finally began stabilizing. When I sleep good, I feel great. When I sleep bad, I feel pretty rough.

Overall, I feel great compared to what I expected. Very level headed - I plan on getting labs done in a month or two. If I continue to feel good, I likely will put off getting labs done until I feel necessary.
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