Has anyone seen bloodwork that verified that HCG alone increased levels of dhea, pregnenolone, progesterone?

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There is alot of good information on HCG backfilling pathways. I get confused when individuals are taking hcg along with dhea and pregnenolone supplementation. Has anyone had blood work done that shows hcg increasing either/all dhea, pregnenolone and progesterone?
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Yes. I have tested a couple of times DHEA-S with and without HCG and HCG increases my DHEA-S. After adding HCG i dropped my DHEA dosage from 50mg to 10mg. I have never tested my pregnenolone
I get confused when individuals are taking hcg along with dhea and pregnenolone supplementation.
Youre on the right path here...if HCG worked to "backfill" why would anyone need to supplement DHEA or Prog. It mimics LH but there's either a enzyme(?) dysfunction in the Hypo male or it just doesn't mimic well enough to spur that downstream conversion from Cholesterol. It reads well on paper but there are a ton a real world guys that categorically it does not work. There's even been heavy discussion on the compounded HCG vs Pharma HCG, like Pregnyl, being not the same. As in Pregnyl being more effective. Some guys have used both and reported a subjective better response with Pregnyl.
Too of note testing Pregnenolone is difficult/unreliable and can be cost prohibitive so most anyone wanting to see a Preg level will run Progesterone as it's one step below Preg and if Prog is good then it can be assumed that Preg is good as well.
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