Fertility cycle.

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Okay guys.

thought I’d run a journal to keep track of my fertility log. I have used AAS since 2010. Came off 2014 to get my wife pregnant and it was a success. Our girl is now 8

I went back on cycle and two years later my wife decided we try again. (2016)
Unfortunately it was a struggle coming off with low libido and ED - Took a year this time and the last few months I had to go back on a low dose test and ran the fertility meds. It worked but unfortunately we lost the little one during the first 12weeks.

So here we are trying again.

Currently I have only ran trt the last few years but no hcg.

I will be running
100mg test cyp per week 50mg mon/thu
1000iu HCG EOD
37.5iu HMG EOD
12.5mg Enclomiphene ED
15mg MK677 ED
5mg Cialis ED

Shall I bump the Enclomiphene up. HMG is way to expensive so hoping the little bit will work.
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