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Anyone had any experience with Dr McClain? I'm looking for a HRT doc in the LA area.


Hey Aux. I'm in Pasadena and also looking for an HRT doc in LA. Saw your post was 6 months old. Wondered who you ended up finding?

Hey Spunkymonkey. In the end I didn't find anyone local. It seemed like people either had no clue what they were doing or didn't take insurance and where expensive as heck. I ended up going with Defy Medical. They're based out of Florida so it's all done through phone consults. It's still more expensive than insurance but much cheaper than anything local. As for the level of care, they're excellent and knowledgeable and I've never had a problem getting a hold of them when I've needed to. Hope that helps.

If you do find someone local who doesn't charge an arm and a leg please let me know.


A great many of use Defy Medical and we are very happy with them. Doing the consults over the phone is quite easy and they won't up-sell you or rush you - all your questions are answered. I am not affiliated with them, but highly recommend giving them a call.
I cannot offer a patient's perspective, but I can offer a professional recommendation. I have worked with Dr McClain and still collaborate with him regularly. He's as bright and professional as they come...and it doesn't hurt that he's a very cool guy!


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I've heard of Dr Rand and I've seen him in a few you tubes. If I wasn't satisfied with my Dr being Dr Judy Goldstone out of Torrance. I highly recommend her, very considerate of my health and metabolic disorder despite being an anti aging clinic. If I no longer see her I will see Rand and let you know
Dr McClain is a friend and super friendly and smart. This is his website: http://psrmed.com/

You can watch him here: https://www.excelmale.com/?s=73-Rand-McClain-Health-Tips

I can verify that Dr. Rand McClain is knowledgeable, as well as being one of the nicest guys you can ever meet. He takes his time with patients, and doesn't "cop an attitude" as do many other physicians I've dealt with over the years. In fact, Rand is my personal physician and has been for several years. I highly recommend him to anyone.


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Would anyone here recommend Dr. McClain over Defy Medical? I like the idea of having someone I can visit with in person. I just want to make sure that I get the best possible service. Thank you in advance.

Edit: To clarify my question above, would anyone be able to chime in about how much more valuable having a doctor to consult with in person would be versus consultations over the phone? I have read more than enough to know that Defy Medical is a fantastic resource for many. But I have only ever dealt with doctors in person, and the idea of phone consultations make me a little bit more nervous.
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Dr McClain was actually part of (and helped found) Defy Medical back when we all started. He is an EXCELLENT physician and you will not go wrong either way.

Thank you for your input. I appreciate your endorsement of your colleague. To clarify, I didn't intend to compare practices. What I did intend to do is to ask people, who have more experience than I, whether they believed that in person consultations would prove more valuable than over the phone consultations. Unfortunately I don't have access to the Defy Medical clinic, but Dr. McClain is only a couple miles away from me.
What I did intend to do is to ask people, who have more experience than I, whether they believed that in person consultations would prove more valuable than over the phone consultations

Others can and will likely chime in, however I would opine that would be largely a matter of personal preference, convenience, and comfort level. Now if it comes down to working with a local doctor that is not up to speed on contemporary (and safe) TRT face-to-face or a remote expert over the phone...then it's probably an obvious answer.

In your case, with Dr McClain a few miles away...I say it's a no-brainier to go see him as he IS up to speed on contemporary TRT and the best (safest) methods.


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I live in L.A. and have chosen Defy, I am not uncomfortable in the cross country relationship. I had a full hour consult with Dr. Saya prior to starting, and have maintained a comfort level from then until now. I recently had some bloods done at my request mid-protocol, and it was they who emailed me to schedule a lab review and a possible change in protocol. But I am curious to see what Dr mcClain offers his patients, from price to recommended number of visits, to actual protocol.
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