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“Our Quality Control has reached out to Empower and they are still unable to provide an ETA on the licensing. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns”
i wonder how many WI clients they have. i started pulling my ugl links yesterday lol. it is a bit concerning they a lot of stuff they sell has only 1 source. imaging fda doing some forced closure or another fun on empower. guys we better have a backup (I do).
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don't want to beat this any longer, but a UPS redirect from AZ to WI is 150USD dang....insane, damned be the entire medical bureaucracy in the usa
Most of congress is heavily invested in pharmaceuticals. Many want to outlaw the telemed clinics, especially the TRT clinics. Compounding pharmacies take money away from big pharma which inturn takes money from our representatives. Wisconsin and Iowa representatives are actively taking measures to ban compounding pharmacies from shipping to their states. But hey, you can buy as much alcohol as you wish, because it’s not as dangerous as the scary TRT meds (sarc)…
Does this not interfere with the whole entire LGBBQxYL+/- rainbow splat narrative though? 12yr old girls need their fix!!! Denying this life saving, gender-affirming treatment is literally murder!

Realistically though, the future is uncertain and the end is always near, "we're very sorry but the molecules you have requested are temporarily unavailable due to supply chain issues, and will re-arrive no later than 2037."
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