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I've been performing research on various fitness equipment and gadgets. I'ld like to share my opinion about my research.
- Its better to opt Fitness gadgets rather than the bulky equipment because these gadgets would give the data as accurate as the equipment display and are available at less cost, portable, fits into our apparel and are available at a very less cost.
- We can track our workout status and calories spent at any time and from any where.

So I just suggest to better go for fitness gadgets rather than the huge equipment. I'ld like to thank "FitDango" team for such a valuable information available on their site.

I'm waiting to hear from you. Share your opinion as I'm planning to purchase something that would motivate me to do longer workout.

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I love crossfit, I found pushing weights at the gym to be very boring and these short and intense workout sessions fit my lower amount of attention span a little better.
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