Antares Pharma's subcutaneous testosterone gets FDA approval

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A year after its testosterone replacement therapy was spurned at the FDA, Antares Pharma has snatched an OK from an agency that has made its dislike for such treatments well known.

Antares can now begin marketing three different doses of Xyosted, a subcutaneous auto-injector containing testosterone enanthate, though the approval does come with a boxed warning about blood pressure increases and subsequent elevated risk for cardiovascular problems.
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Antares plans to sell Xyosted for between $450 and $500 for a month's supply. For the difference in price between that and a 5 ml vial of testosterone enanthate I think you could hire a nurse to come to your home and do the injection for you.

Totally off the subject, but Antares is the brightest star in the constellation Scorpio and its name means "the rival of Mars" because of its brightness and red color.
This product may be good for men who are afraid of needles. It will also be great at increasing awareness of subcutaneous T injections. Most doctors think the only way to use testosterone is with gels or deep IM injections.
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