thyroid antibodies

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    Need help interpreting my thyroid bloodwork

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    Dissected Thyroid for High Thyroid Antibodies levels.

    Just like the title says i was prescribed dissected Thyroid to bring down my high level of antibodies my TSH and everything else in range ill post the ranges below. Ive read things were they say its not worth using dissected for that just wondering what you think. Thank you TSH - 2.940 Range is...
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    Need the low down on my thyroid numbers

    In another thread about metformin I started, I had some helpful suggestions to look into thyroid. At the time, I'd had two prior tests during the last 6 months, and was advised here on Excelmale things were worse than I thought. Looking into things away from the standard clinical approach, I...
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    Thyroid Antibody Ref Ranges

    Hey guys, my recent thyroid tests are indicating Hashimotos desease due to both antibodies being elevated. My TPO was 75 IU/ml with a range of 0-34 and my Thyroglobulin Antibody was 17.3 with a range of 0.0-0.9. Those were done with LabCorp via Defy Medical. My question: I am seeing much...
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    Does Defy Medical prescribe thyroid antibody blood tests?

    I am a patient of Defy and currently my status is on hold as I am working with a local endocrinologist to get to the bottom of a suspected thyroid issue. Right now I am having difficulty getting the endo to prescribe thyroid antibody tests (TRAb, TPOAb, and TgAb). I also cannot request my own...
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    High Thyroid Antibodies

    Hello, I have a few years on TRT with very low success. I am also a low SHBG guy. But I just realized I had high TBG thyroid antibodies. I have TSH a little high but T3 and T4 normal levels. The Dr. started me on Levothyroxine, so I am hoping that increases my SHBG a bit. Do you guys think I...
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