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  1. A

    How long should I expect fertility to return after PCT?

    been on TRT for about a year, got off for TRT purposes and now on Enclomiphene 25 mg a day, 5 weeks so far, wondering ig anyone has personal experiences on getting off TRT for fertility, how long did it take for you to succeed and get your partner pregnant?
  2. G

    Impaired/small testicles and TRT

    Have you had a success with TRT with small testicles/small sperm count? The testicles were impaired before puberty and are small (a third of normal size for the age of 40 years) and the sperm count is low. I fear TRT will further reduce the count and the therapy will be counterproductive. Its a...
  3. bumpy

    Spemen - Increased Ejaculate Volume and Fertility.

    Has anyone tried Spemen for ejaculate volume and increased fertility? It's looks like a very interesting "drug"/supplement that has some excellent sexual health benefits. If you've used it, I'd love to hear your experiences with it. Thank you
  4. P

    Stopping T for conception. Suggestions?

    Hi everyone, Over the last several months I've slowly worked my way up to 200mg/weekly of a cyp/prop blend along with .25mg of anastrozole 2x a week. For 2 months I've also taken 2000IU of HCG EOD, 1000mg of L-Carnitine 2x a day and 10 units of Ipa/CJC 5x week. I've experienced incredible...
  5. 3

    HCG and Testosterone Cypionate and wife is pregnant!!!!

    Attached is my recent sperm analysis (July 1st, 2020) and my HCG & T protocol. For the past 2.5 years I’ve been taking 300 IU’s .1 2x week HCG and 80mg .4 2x week T Cyp. My testes have mild atrophy, but decent sperm load and I notice a difference the longer I go without HCG. I decided to get...
  6. A

    Semen/Test after Varicocele Repair

    Hi, Has anyone got their testicle varicocele repaired and found success? I have on my left side and because of that my left testicles has become small. I also have low testosterone and low sperm count. I am guessing its because of varicocele. I will be super lucky if my sperm count returns to...
  7. A

    TRT+HCG fertility check

    Hi Everyone, Has anyone on TRT+HCG checked their sperm count? One guy mentioned that his sperm count came to zero after a year of TRT+HCG. Has anyone in this protocal ever checked their sperm count? Just bcas ur balls are full doesnt mean u have optimal level of sperm. Can anyone please check...
  8. A

    HCG Dosage for Primary Hypogonadism

    Hello Experts, I am new to the group but have been doing small research for a long time. I understand that the normal dosage for TRT is 75mg testosterone biweekly and 500iu HCG Biweekly for someone who wants to maintain fertility while on TRT (Assuming there testicles are working fine). So, Now...
  9. J

    Doctor suggesting only HCG for 1 month

    Hi Folks, As i was almost decided to start my self administered TRT routine, My doctor suggested that i should start 1250mg per week HCG only. He said, he wants to check whether i can able to increase Testosterone without TRT. Btw, it seems like i have primary hypogonadism which means my...
  10. I

    Normal sperm count but FSH and LH low

    Hi, Is it possible to have 'fairly' normal sperm count when you're shutdown? LH 0.1 FSH 0.1 Thanks.
  11. J

    Maintaining/Increasing Sperm count in men with Primary Hypogonadism

    Hello Friends, I am new to this group and i feel that this site is a life saver. Technically I am within normal range but i have high LH/FSH and Low Testosterone and Low Sperm count which makes me a primary hypogonadism. Since, my testis is working partially, it is producing some testosterone...
  12. A

    Need help; Fertility Test

    I have been on TRT for 1.5 years now. I have been on Testosterone cypionate - 50mg e3.5d for the majority of this 1.5 years. 300 IU of hcG every 3 days For the last 2 months I have changed my protocol to test cyponiate - 40mg e3.5 days. I wanted to see if I felt any better as my e2 was high...
  13. Nelson Vergel

    New Testosterone Nasal Gel (Natesto) Data- Video Interview with Dr Ramasamy

    Dr. Ramasamy presents his preliminary data on the use of Natesto and its effect on sperm count. Dr. Ranjith Ramasamy is the Director of Male Reproductive Medicine and Surgery as well as an Assistant professor in the Department of Urology at the University of Miami in Florida. As a Urologist and...
  14. Nelson Vergel

    Video Lecture: hCG Use in Men- Review of Studies by Nelson Vergel

    Nelson Vergel, co-founder of ClinicOptimizers.com, founder of ExcelMale.com and DiscountedLabs.com, and author of the book "Testosterone: A Man's Guide", reviews current data on the use of human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) in men to preserve/regain fertility, testicular size, libido and higher...
  15. Mrs. Robinson

    Where to start?

    Not sure where to start here... My husband and I have been married over 4 years during which his lack of libido became glaringly obvious from the start. We've suspected low T for a long time and did get a blood test done a few months ago, altho not conclusive enough. Only measurement is total T...
  16. Nelson Vergel

    Sperm counts significantly declining in men from North America, Europe

    BACKGROUND Reported declines in sperm counts remain controversial today and recent trends are unknown. A definitive meta-analysis is critical given the predictive value of sperm count for fertility, morbidity and mortality. OBJECTIVE AND RATIONALE To provide a systematic review and...
  17. Nelson Vergel

    Genetic Mutation in Estrogen Receptor Shuts Down Sperm Production

    Oestrogen receptors beta genotype in infertile Egyptian men with nonobstructive azoospermia. Younes AH, et al. Andrologia. 2016. Abstract In a prospective study, the polymorphism of oestrogen receptor β gene was investigated in nonobstructive azoospermia patients. Ninety infertile patients...
  18. Nelson Vergel

    Decline in sperm count and motility in young adult men from 2003 to 2013

    [h=3]Decline in sperm count and motility in young adult men from 2003 to 2013: observations from a U.S. Sperm Bank Summary[/b] Controversy exists regarding stability of semen quality over time with papers reporting decrease, increase or stable parameters in heterogeneous populations. The...
  19. Nelson Vergel

    Lipitor Can Decrease Your Sperm Quality

    Reprod Biol Endocrinol. 2014 Jul 12;12(1):65. Evaluation of atorvastatin (Lipitor) efficacy and toxicity on spermatozoa, accessory glands and gonadal hormones of healthy men: a pilot prospective clinical trial. Pons-Rejraji H, Brugnon F, Sion B, Maqdasy S, Gouby G, Pereira B, Marceau G...
  20. jger242


    The safemeds website has been down for awhile. Any other trusted site to get hcg from? (Without rx) Thanks
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