shbg and estradiol receptor

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  1. K

    Any new discoveries on Low SHBG curse ?

    I m just checking with the community to see if there is a new discovery with Low SHBG individuals ? Any new treatment ? Any new strategies to raise it ? It is a bad curse .
  2. L

    Erectile Disfunction on TRT / Please Read

    There are some topics here and in other forums (please Google "TRT and ED" on Reddit or other forums) of men complaining about having ED on TRT after being good and dialed for months or even years and suddently developing impotence out of nowhere. Suspects are: estrogen imbalances, low SHBG...
  3. B

    Shbg inflates Estradiol labs?

    Hi all, During my consultation with Dr Calkin from Defy, he mentioned SHBG artificially inflates Estradiol. I’ve never read this is any of the high SHGB posts I’ve seen on here. My sensitive Estradiol lab reading was 28.9 (8.0-35 pg/ml). Dr Calkin said in reality it’s probably around 15. He...
  4. madman

    The Close Proximity of SHBG and Estradiol Receptor-beta(ERB) in PC12 Cells

    [h=2]"The Close Proximity of Sex Hormone Binding Globulin and Estradiol Receptor-beta (ERβ) in PC12 Cells Differentiated with Nerve Growth Factor and Treated with Estradiol"[/b] 1. Abstract We have demonstrated the production and distribution of Sex Hormone Binding...
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