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    IM Quad Injections

    I was instructed by Defy to revert back to IM injections. So, I thought I’d try the quads. I use a 27g 1/2” set-up to inject 70mg of test cup. I injected into the outer quad - side - of the thigh. The injection was painless. The next day it was good...a small bruise. The second day, it...
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    Quad site injection

    Hi, guys. So i have a quick question. I've been doing intramuscular injections in my quad for some time now, just been wondering about one thing. I always inject in the area seen on the photo below. But its always somewhere around that area. Not in one exact spot. So my question to you guys is...
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    Can you inject into a nerve?

    Greetings, to begin this thread i'd like to say that's i've heard of injecting T into fat tissue and i will try that, but i gotta know this: Very often when i am injecting testosterone into my quad muscle i sense that my needle hit some harder layer and its more difficult to push a needle...
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