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  1. S

    Bioregulators Peptides

    Recently, I've been researching these fascinating compounds and have become particularly interested in Chonluten, Prostamax, Ovagen, and Vesilute. As I delve deeper into understanding these peptides, I'm eager to connect with others who have firsthand experience using them. I'm curious about...
  2. E

    MIF-1 (and other peptides) for Anhedonia/Depression

    Thought I would start a discussion about this awesome lesser known peptide, yet one of the peptides with quite a few actual human studies behind it. So I'll start with my experience before getting to the science: I have done a few cycles (they last 5-7 days of 8-10 mg) of it this year and...
  3. R

    Peptide Science sermorelin and ghrp-2 blend

    Hello to all. I have been on sermorelin 9mg for about 4 mths now. The directions for reconstitution is 9mls for the 9mg bottle. I injected 20 units the 1st month, 25 units the 2nd month, and 30 units for 3rd and 4th. I recently thought about changing it up and ordered a Peptide Science blend...
  4. bruin

    GHRP-6 Should I consider this?

    63 y/o M 15yr HRT, test cyp and HCG. Never never had a negative side effect, I find that when i started on HCG about 5 yrs into the HRT regimen a positive well rounded response. Have considered off and on about looking into further supplementation. Relatively good health other than recently...
  5. C

    Bacteriostatic water and refrigerator

    Is it ok that I placed my unopened vials of bacteriostatic water in the fridge. Didn’t realize that I could have just stored them in my cabinet in the dark at room temperature like I have before. Just totally forgot put some vials in the fridge. PS: posted on peptide forum but wanted to post...
  6. V


    Came across a peptide/amino acid mixture from pig brain that works as a nootropic and libido booster. I was searching for libido boosters, and there were quite a few positive reviews in forums, with one guy claiming he had to stop taking it after it made his libido uncomfortably high. It has...
  7. V

    Melanotan II vs PT 141

    Hey, deciding between the two. I was going to go with melanotan for libido mainly. Wondering if I should also use PT 141? My erections are hit or miss really, I think it's dependent on whether i feel libido. Second question is what do you feel on the Melanotan II?
  8. G

    Most effective HGH secretagogue

    Hey guys, I'm new to the forum. I've searched almost every thread on this forum and I couldn't find what peoples thoughts are on the most effective HGH relseasing secretagogue, to increase HGH and IGF 1. I wonder if 300mcg CJC 1295 and 5-10mg of MK677 would do the job or is HGH the only way to...
  9. Nelson Vergel

    The peptide Melanotan-II Induces Erections in Men

    SYNTHETIC MELANOTROPIC PEPTIDE INITIATES ERECTIONS IN MEN WITH PSYCHOGENIC ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION: DOUBLE-BLIND, PLACEBO CONTROLLED CROSSOVER STUDY The Journal of Urology Volume 160, Issue 2, August 1998, Pages 389–393 Abstract Purpose We evaluated the erectogenic properties of a new...
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