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  1. T

    Not sure what to do next TRT

    Male 41 been using steroids for over 12 years. Used to cycle every 12 weeks and PCT, then about 7 years ago I decided to stay on a blast and cruise setup which consisted of 500mg test with some tren 200mg and my cruise was 250mg T. My life has been a rollercoaster of ups and downs, raging sex...
  2. P

    T Subq vs T cream

    Hey guys I am looking to hear form anyone who has switched from subq shots (either daily or EOD etc) to T cream. I may have the opportunity to try switching in the future. Was it worth it? I know some "TRT celebrities" have touted it as being the best way now:)
  3. S

    OPEN STUDY: What levels of free T, Testosterone, E2, prolactin, cortisol do you feel best at?

    All of us are following our protocols quite blindly, trying to optimise but unsure what values to optimise to. The lab ranges vary between countries and labs. The NHS for example sets it upper T limit at 750 - whereas many people in the US naturally have higher levels than this and are perfectly...
  4. DragonBits

    The Association of Reduced Thyroid Function With Longevity

    I see a lot of theories about optimum thyroid levels needing to be near the top of the typical T3 range and for TSH be near the low end of the range. But studies indicate for longevity, higher TSH levels nearer the high end of the range and lower thyroid hormone levels are indicated. I note...
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