nebido and bloodwork

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    Help me dial in my protocol Nebido

    Hi. A little over 30y old and prescribed Nebido as trt from my doc. No guidance at all, so I want to get help from you nice guys:) 87-91kg 8% +- fat (3,2 mm: 12 point caliper test) 2800-3200 calories. Slowly reverse dieting. Moderate to high activity. Training 5 days a week. 10-15k steps a...
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    My lab results... I need some advice

    For the past 18 months i haven't felt like my normal self. I looked up my symptoms and it all pointed to low T. Mainly very low energy, no libido, ED... So I decided to get blood work done. Below are my results for the past 3 visits. Almost 2 weeks ago I went to a doctor in Mexico, where i'm...
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    New on TRT - Second lab results - doc switching me to nebido - double dosing?

    Hey all, I'm 36 yo and wasn't experiencing a lot of other typical low T symptoms, but my libido had totally disappeared, so I got checked out at an anti aging clinic (I live in Belgium so that seems to be the only place around here anyone will take low T seriously) and tested at 296ng/dl. I...
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    TRT, 25yo, Nebido and bloodwork

    Hey guys Former personaltrainer, teamtrainer in crossfit/yoga and fitness within teamsports... 2014 i went through testicular cancer, chemo and surgeries and was left feeling horrible! I tried to recover naturally, but was always fighting fatigue, brain fog, hairloss, muscle loss, sexual...
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