memory loss

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  1. H

    Looking for help

    Hello First of all, if this is wrong section, apologies. For the past three years I have been experiencing low energy, low motivation, brain fog, memory shortness, super low libido and as of last year, ED. The libido is almost at the bottom now. I am not on TRT and I have never used hormones...
  2. D

    Lower E2 = Higher Memory Recall?

    Here is an interesting in vivo study with findings suggesting that lower levels of estrogen in the brain correlate to higher performance in varying forms of memory recall in men. @Cataceous @readalot @Nelson Vergel If a man were to experience brain fog and reduced memory recall while on TRT...
  3. J

    Testosterone shots and gel usage together

    I read an article about a Dr prescribed gel and shots, with the idea that the gel would provide a quick pick up. Can't find the article. Has anyone tried this? I'm on .30 ml of 200mg test cypinate 3x weekly, 350 iu of hcg 3x weekly and .25mg of ai 3x weekly. 48yo.last lab results(3 months ago)...
  4. Nelson Vergel

    Prescription Drugs That Impair Memory

    Drugs can wreak havoc on your memory and overall mental performance. This recognition leads some people to disavow prescription drugs altogether - even when they're helpful. Case in point: even if the anticonvulsant topimirate has nasty cognitive side effects 1 if you're a manic-depressive or...
  5. Nelson Vergel

    Memory Loss Associated with Alzheimer's Reversed for First Time

    "As one example, in the case of a patient with a demanding job who was forgetting her way home, her therapeutic program consisted of some, but not all of the components involved with Bredesen's therapeutic program, and included: eliminating all simple carbohydrates, leading to a weight loss of...
  6. Nelson Vergel

    Things You Can Do to Slow Down Memory Loss

    Memory loss What can I do proactively to prevent possible dementia/ Alzheimers Response from Mr. Vergel There is no proven way to prevent dementia and/or Alzheimer's (two very different pathologies, by the way). However, having said that, there are inconclusive studies that...
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