low back pain

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    Nandrolone Issues

    More than 6 months ago, I was started on Nandrolone decanoate ON TOP of my regular TRT because Defy judged that my back pain would greatly benefit from beefing up/strengthening my back muscles. I was assigned to take 0.15 mL's twice a week. But even at such a small dose, the Nandrolone always...
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    Testosterone/TRT and Sleep

    I am in my mid sixties and have been severely compromised by low back pain and osteoarthritis. Seven physicians, spine surgeons, rehab, accupuncture, two spinal ablations this summer, blocks, PRP, weight loss, have all led to one thing, nothing. I have also had both hips replaced and the onset...
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    Lumbar Spinal Stenosis and ED issues

    Currently I’m dealing with spinal stenosis in my L4-L5 and was diagnosed 3 years ago with it. made the necessary changes to keep my body healthy Flash forward to now and the herniated disc has lead to some issues with my bladder and low back as well as some sexual issues ( none consistent...
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    Chronic Back Pain relief!!

    Ive been suffering from a chronic low back sacrum stiffness for almost a year now. According to MRI i have L4 L5 disk degeneration. I have upped my hgh to 2.5 IU daily and wonder if this helps or hurts my cause. What are some things you guys take for daily pain that wont be bad long term...
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