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    Symptoms Question (long-term TRT user)

    I have been on TRT/ HcG for many years, having great success and have my protocol "dialed in" to maintain my good results and continued stable blood markers. Without posting a mess of details of my protocol, I am hoping maybe some of you may have some quick insight to my question before I order...
  2. L

    HCG: How much is too much and is there a too much?

    Hi everyone, I’ve been on TRT since 2017 and have been on and off with my use of HCG. When I started TRT I was told to never go above 500ius of HCG per day otherwise it could cause desensitized leydig cells. I’ve talked to a few doctors who said that this is nonsense and they have their younger...
  3. L

    beta blockers and testosterone?

    hi guys i seem to vaguely remeber being aware of atleast one study where clomid was linked to higher T levels even after treatment had ceased. I have been perscribed beta blockers (propranolol) to try and help with anxiety however i am aware that beta blocker particularly the non selective...
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