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  1. J

    Natural lifter or not on trt

    I've been on trt for almost 3 years now. My protocol has changed over the years but for at least the last year and a half, I've been injecting .16 of 200mg/cc eod in my delts, HCG .250 or .200 eod in abdomen. My last lab was 830 total test on the day of my injection but before the injection, so...
  2. B

    Anything Different About Working Out on TRT?

    Hi all, I will soon begin my first round of TRT (200 mg t-cyp). I have high TT, but also astronomical SHBG (> 100), so much of it is bound. I think my wacky hormones are the biggest reason that, despite weight training 5-6 times a week and eating well for nine years, I have made minimal gains...
  3. P

    Lifting and Weight Gain on TRT (26 Years Old/165 lbs)

    Hi All, TLDR and protocol at the bottom! I will be starting TRT tomorrow when my prescription arrives. I am an avid lifter and have been consistently working out and dieting for the past five years or so. Including tracking meals calories and macros down to the T. I am about to start a bulking...
  4. White Menace

    Lifting/Nutrition Q&A

    Figured i would help some brahs out, if you have any questions feel free to post or PM me i have spend the past 3 years of my training (but been srs for just over 1) researching at least 1 hour a week. and am currently doing my cert 3 in fitness (which frankly is a bit of a joke). Srs Questions...
Buy Lab Tests Online