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    Ampoule to Sterile Vial + Traveling with 100 Syringes and 200 Luer Lock Needles?

    We are moving to Europe and I am going to transition my TRT prescription over to Balance My Hormones out of the UK. Unfortunately, they only ship single use ampoules to the country we will be living in, which will be expensive at 40mg EOD. They are proposing I inject larger amounts less often to...
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    Travel to Spain and Portugal on TRT

    Hi all I plan on traveling internationally to Spain and Portugal and was wondering what, if anything, I'd need to do in order to bring my testosterone cypionate, Hcg, and hydrocortisone. Thanks
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    Going on business cannot pin ED, how to overcome

    Hi All, I hope everyone is well? I have recently changed over from a 3.5 day pin schedule to an ED schedule and it is going well (due to aromatise activity concerns). Currently pinning 15mg/day (equaling 105mg/w), which, I must admit, is very little given that that is Enanthate (at 70% ester...
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