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  1. A

    E2 Spiking

    Hey all. I have been having issues with my E2 spiking. I am using 17 units test cyp everyday. Would me switching to test prop help with aromatizing? I am a low SHBG guy. My last blood work is a bit inaccurate bc I was using HCG. I since cut out HCG to help with E2 and still am having...
  2. G

    Seeking help with investigating symptoms. Zero sex drive, ED, High Prolactin, Low F.S.H, High Estrogen,

    Hello all I would really appreciate if anyone could provide some advice or point me in the right direction as to what could be going on. I have not managed to get anywhere with the health professionals where I live in the UK, so I thought to seek advice on here since their is plenty of people...
  3. V

    Restart attempt log

    Hi all, I'm attempting a restart of hpta after 14 years taking TRT. I've had enough of ups and downs, chasing numbers and feeling like rubbish. Had a heart attack at xmas due to a blocked artery and slightly high cholesterol. Met a wonderful girl been with a few years and we would like to...
  4. B

    My E2 is sky High pls HELP .

    Hello, I'm on TRT 90mg (3x30mg) a week HCG 125/250iu 3x a week but my estradiol is extremely high ... my total testosterone was higher than the reference value even when I didn't take anything but now it's 2 times .. and even then I don't feel that much well, everyone is happy to help, thank...
  5. B

    Blood test- Low SHBG, High E2 (over range), High DHT (top end of range).... any thoughts?

    I'm on Test Prop @ 15mg ED SQ and Armour Thryoid 3 grains. For the past 2 1/2 months, I have noticed my hair is rapidly thinning and dry, my beard/stache seems to be growing slower looking mildly sparcer and not as dark.... Energy, mood, libido and sleep sucks... I suspected high E possibly...
  6. S

    Poor Sleep

    Does anyone else have bouts of insomnia where they just cannot fall asleep due to higher estrogen? I am a high responder to exogenous testosterone as I am at 90mg per week split into 3 injections sub q. My total T is about 1000 (I am 48 and my top end range is 916 so I am just above the high...
  7. F

    Erection quality issues

    I have been on 7-8 years and have done almost all but not all protocols. The thing ive noticed is that when my balls are tight and skin pulled back that is when I have the best erections and sometimes orgasms feel good not dull. And depending on the dose I will suffer from low e2 side effects...
  8. T

    Against AIs but willing to try

    I'd like to run a little experiment and try Arimidex. Total Test 926 Free Test 23 E2 non sensitive 72 SHBG 31 Based on those labs, what amount can I get away with using without crashing my E2? Being at 72 I have some room to work with. Here are my questions: - how many times a week should it be...
  9. N

    High estradiol symptoms?

    I was wondering if the symptoms I am having could be high E2. I am getting labs done tomorrow and seeing my TRT doctor Friday current protocol 150MG/week test C(50MG Mon,wed,Fri) no HCG no AI but I have adex on hand poor libido soft erections night sweats hot flashes and very bad...
  10. B

    TRT lack of energy, motivation and loss of sensitivity to stimulants due to E2 ?

    I know High E2 can cause depression, low motivation, low energy, etc.... especially if one is low SHBG then you are even more sensitive to E2 issues... I was wondering could High E2 cause someone to also be less affected by stimulants, etc.... Possibly could E2 affect dopamine levels as well?
  11. S

    Feel WAY better with elevated e2

    So for the first 4 months or so of trt at 200mg test cyp per week with minimal ai usage. .25 anastrozole maybe once every 5 days or so, I felt good. Great workouts, insane pumps, crazy libido. Then I started reading on here about trying to stay within the low 20s on e2. So I began using the...
  12. T

    How to tell if E2 is getting high without access to sensitive test?

    Hi Guys, I started TRT about three weeks ago. I'm based in the UK so don't have access to the Sensitive E2 test. In the first week I noticed the "brain fog" lifted somewhat and I felt far more alert and able to focus better that before I started. I have noticed in the last week or so that...
  13. B

    *UPDATE* New 6 week labs....lowered dose...higher E2!?!?!?

    Hi Folks. I had complete labs pulled 12 weeks ago (posted in another thread) and my FT and TT were good. 1034 on TT and FT was 28. Both “over range” on Labcorp ranges. But my E2 sensitive was really high. 75.4 on 8-35 range. I was injecting 80mg of T cyp. every 3.5 days. As well as 500iu of...
  14. W

    Swollen Ankles, High E2

    Currently taking 100 mg Test /w. E2 was 59. Dr put me on .5mg Arimidex 3Twk. 6 wks later my ankles are swollen,not sore just swollen. My next blood test is 3 wks. Should I continue the dose or cut back?
  15. L

    High Prolactin - can it produce all of the high E2 symptoms?

    Thus is my second attempt at usig this forum. If yoi dont know anything about the subject please can yo just post a hello just to let me know I am using it correctly!! I would rather use this forum rather than the facebook page finally!!!
  16. Nelson Vergel

    Article: Elevated Estradiol During Testosterone Replacement : To Treat or Not To Treat?

    Elevated Estradiol During TRT: To Treat or Not To Treat? TRT may lead to elevations in serum estradiol (E2) and in some cases to levels above the upper limit of normal. The development of nipple or breast tenderness or frank gynecomastia has been reported in association with TRT, and in...
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