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    High HGB/HCT

    Hey guys, I just got a CBC done yesterday and my hemoglobin is 18.8 and hematocrit is 53.2. I can't believe this as I've lowered my dose to 6-7mg daily about 4 weeks ago from running 9-10mg daily for a couple months. When I lowered the dose, my hct was 50.8 and hgb was 17.8. I also saw on...
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    SHBG finally increased, but the hematocrit increased, ferritin decreased. Thyroid?

    High hematocrit, low ferritin and thyroid. Does taking 15 mg of ferrous sulfate increase ferritin? Hello everybody. I will attach my exams below and I would like your opinion. Thank you very much. In early January of this year I had a phlebotomy due to an increase in hematocrit. I only did...
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    Therapeutic Phlebotomy (oregon)

    I can’t find anywhere to do therapeutic phlebotomy in Oregon. I tried donating blood yesterday but my hemoglobin was 21... that’s like 63 hematocrit. Because it’s so high I went to the walk-in clinic at the hospital where my PCP works. They saw me and all they did was try lecturing me on the...
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