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  1. Nelson Vergel

    The Continued Use of Testosterone Does Not Interfere with Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (hCG) -Mediated Return of Spermatogenesis

    In the realm of reproductive health, one of the most challenging puzzles has been how to balance the benefits of testosterone therapy with the desire to maintain or restore fertility in men. A recent study published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine, led by J Kassab and team, sheds new light on...
  2. Nelson Vergel

    Study: hCG Increases Sex Drive and Improves ED in Men

    Understanding Testosterone Deficiency (TD) Testosterone deficiency (TD) is a condition characterized by insufficient testosterone production by the gonads. Regular morning testosterone (T) readings below 300 ng/dl are indicative of TD. Symptoms of TD can include poor libido, erectile...
  3. K

    Is a serm necessary after a HCG only cycle?

    Hi, I read some conflicting opinions about this. What do you think?
  4. S

    HCG Protocol Reconstitution Calculation Check

    Hello everyone -- I'm a first-timer trying out HCG monotherapy, set to begin this week. I consulted the mixing guide on the forums and I'd like to ask if my math is correct. Calculations below. Protocol: 200iu HCG subQ M/W/F Components: 10,000iu HCG; bacteriostatic water; syringe Method: 1...
  5. G

    HCG mono therapy, Dif brands different sides?

    hi there, Just started HCG mono in hopes to keep the boys going vs test.. anyway, started at lower dose 250iu was rxd more but figured would start lower.. well while energy levels improved total test was below the reference range 167 or so I think reference range was 200.binding globulin was...
  6. A

    Fertility with HCG + SERM? HMG/rhFSH Impossible to get in Australia

    Hi all, Firstly, thanks to Nelson and all on the forum for sharing the breadth of your knowledge online, it's taught and helped me so much. I was hoping I could pick your brains about a specific fertility protocol used by Dr. Ramasamy (interviewed by Nelson on podcast). Mainly, it is HCG...
  7. R

    Injecting HCG (Pregnyl) In The Bicep & Needle Length

    Hi Everybody :) waaay back in 2016 (i think...thats when I created my account), I read a post from Nelson recommending injecting HCG into the Bicept. I just wanted to see if this was still a recommended approach for a guy with my body type. I am pretty lean and pretty muscular (5'10" / 170...
  8. A

    Took a full pen of Ovitrelle

    Hi everybody, Im a natural lifter and i always had good natural testosterone. Few months ago i took one shot ovitrelle 250 at once ( it’s about 6500 iu hcg… ). I wanted to make a boost at my endo testosterone. It was not a good idea, no benefice and it’s suppressive. My question is : do you...
  9. M

    pharmacokinetic-pharmacodynamic profile of a novel recombinant human chorionic gonadotropin

    First-in-human trial assessing the pharmacokinetic-pharmacodynamic profile of a novel recombinant human chorionic gonadotropin in healthy women and men of reproductive age https://ascpt.onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/full/10.1111/cts.13037 First published: 13 May 2021...
  10. D

    Can HcG alone (withOUT T-cypionate) help sex drive & increase overall testosterone?

    I think that HcG (Pregnyl) ALONE at slightly higher doses (like 2,000 units/week) improves my libido and mood much better than any T-Cypionate brand I've tried. Get this - I even tried my own local pharmacy brand of "Depo-testosterone"...
  11. N

    To add test to HCG monotherapy or not?

    I've been using just HCG for the last 5 years to boost my low T of 265 up to about 450-500. It's been nice improvement for me overall, especially since I've been very nervous to jump into testosterone use. Despite all the reading I've done, the potential side effects (cardiovascular especially)...
  12. D

    Is HCG monotherapy sustainable? Is it worth spending the time and money trying to dial in a protocol?

    Or is it better for most to incorporate testosterone from the start?
  13. D

    Not responding well to compounded HCG?

    Hi everyone, I’ve been taking 1500IU of HCG EOD as a monotherapy for the past 6 weeks. But my total testosterone has only risen from 281 ng/dl to 345 ng/dl. The problem isn’t my testicles since my baseline LH was 1.8. I’ve been using compounded HCG my doctor wants me to stay at the same dose...
  14. M

    Can HCG Monotherapy Reverse Testicular Atrophy Caused by Varicocele?

    I have read through many stories on here about individuals who successfully reversed TRT-induced testicular atrophy using HCG. I have also read a litany of medical studies that demonstrated a similar result. While this is certainly encouraging, I am left wondering whether HCG can also reverse...
  15. V

    Preparing for hcg only protocol

    Hey, I didn't have any luck searching the stickies or internet with the "hcg diet" and prenancy topics. I was prescribed hcg 50 or 500 iu (can't remember the right one) 3x a week from Defy. This is to lower shbg. I'm always around 700 total test with an shbg of 55-60. My question is how do i...
  16. Mountain Man

    Best prices on HCG?

    A friend of mine who has been on HCG for two years is no longer getting it covered from his insurance. He is concerned about fertility and does not want TRT. Does anyone know where HGC can be purchased at a decent price? Do overseas pharmacies carry this? He has a prescription but needs info on...
  17. S

    Blue Balls

    So, the theory says that while on TRT and no HCG your nuts die. Well I've been on TRT for 3 + years now with no HCG. My nuts have shrunk up to almonds. I'm most likely sterile. So why in the hell can I get a bad case of Blue Balls? I'm not gonna go into details, but I haven't had these in 15...
  18. D

    considering HCG monotherapy

    Hi all, This will by my third, and probably last post about HCG. I have developed a pretty thorough understanding of it at this point. Long story short, I was considering TRT+HCG+FSH to preserve fertility, as fertility is very important to me. Even if I don’t plan on having kids I’d just like to...
  19. P

    2 questions about hcg mono

    firstly, I know that sometimes hypogonadism has the same symptoms as thyroid and adrenals. My question is, if one takes hcg, and gets their levels to optimal, but still has no symptom improvement does that mean that 1-low t isnt their problem or 2-trt is the only way to relieve symptoms my...
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