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  1. M

    TRT hair loss, testing and Minoxidil

    All, I am doing .4 ml of Hikma Pharmaceutical Test Cyp 200 mg/ml per week. Shots on Monday, testing on Thursday. SubQ injections in thigh. For past 10-15 years I'm hitting 600 to 1100 on my test results. Averaging 800. Not sure why the big 1100 this last time. My hair has been thinning for...
  2. FunkOdyssey

    Non-MPB hair loss on TRT

    I'm age 41 and still have a full head of hair with no change in my hairline. Older men in my family had a full head of hair in old age, so that and the fact that I haven't lost any yet made me confident that MPB is not something I needed to worry about. What I thought I understood about TRT...
  3. P

    Finasteride + HRT

    Hey guys..I am considering starting low does finasteride for hair security as I have been on TRT for a while. If finasteride raises T levels, why do some people have a lower libido? I guess they take too much and kill of their DHT? If you are on HRT, then this shouldn't be an issue if you are...
  4. L

    Hair loss

    From what I have read, it is possible to keep your hair. That as long as your not predisposed to hair loss, then you won't lose it. How true is this? I look weird with a shaved head , where a lot of yall can pull it off. So I am a little worried. I ordered red light therapy light for at home...
  5. T

    Hair on head turning curly after trt.

    My hair on my head is turning curly after being on test. cyp. for 6 months. Does anyone else notice this or is it a coincident? The lady the cuts my hair mentioned it too and asked if I was on some kind of medicine. I told her I was and she asked what and I said I would rather not say. She said...
  6. J

    which acts better for Hair Growth Propecia, Protein or Biotin?

    I really get confuse. Protein, Biotin and Propecia all are related to promote hair growth but which one does the wonders ? Please share your opinion on this.
  7. R

    TRT and a Hairy situation

    Hi, Sorry for the length in advance, but for me to ask for advise and help, I have to give details and some history. -I started TRT 4 years ago. I was 26, and am now 30. I played sports when younger, and people would always check my thyroid, which always comes back fine. However, through...
  8. R

    Hair loss

    I started Dr administered injections about 4 months ago - on a monthly basis to increase my levels which were considered very low. 350. I am wondering if the testosterone will have an effect on hair loss?? - as I have a full head of hair and hope not to lose it.
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