fertility preservation

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  1. J

    Sperm restart

    I am on TCyp 120mg/week divided in 3 doses of 40mg with HcG 500 IU. Testes size is kept normal but I am sterile. Zero sperm count. Would increasing HcG and adding HMG 75IU at each dose restart sperm without stopping T? I realize stopping T is more likely to restart sperm, but I really don’t...
  2. G

    Icariin Improves Age-Related Testicular Dysfunction by Alleviating Sertoli Cell Injury via Upregulation of the ERα/Nrf2-Signaling Pathway

    https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC7247842/ Hey guys I have been following these forums for quite some time and I have learned a lot from the information provided here. I recently came across this really interesting article and I was wondering what you guys think about this natural...
  3. P

    Daily dosing my HCG similar to my test?

    I found I felt my best when I broke my 200mg of test/week into smaller injections. I currently take 700iu of HCG x 3/week in attempts to restart and conceive a child. I noticed HCG has spiked my estrogen more so than the test ever. Short of having to stick myself a shit load more, is there any...
  4. K

    Doctor suggesting unusual TRT protocol.

    I was discussing my low T symptoms with my new GP (he sounds much more knowledgeable than all the endos I've been to btw) and told him that I came off TRT because it wasn't working for me. I recovered after one year on TRT + HCG and recovered to my pre TRT levels (low normal range). He...
  5. madman

    Medical techniques of fertility preservation in the male and female

    Conclusion Fertility preservation has become fundamental in the multi-disciplinary management of young patients whose surgical or chemotherapeutic treatment could alter their reproductive function. While the techniques of FP have been relatively well defined in males, FP techniques in women...
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