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    I think I crashed my estrogen, ED symptoms, please help!

    Hey guys, looking for any advice here - natural supplements, diets, meds, whatever to help restore my estrogen. I'm 37, been on T cyp for a while now, I take daily doses of 8mg and 400 IU's of HCG M/W/F. I've been great for a while with minor tweaks here and there. I was experiencing high...
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    Lower T Dose ED, High E2?

    Hey gents~ I started my TRT journey on a higher dose, but as a low SHBG guy sitting somewhere between 8-14 for SHBG levels, I titrated down to 105mg/wk w ED injections. I take .25 Adex every other day when I notice my water weight goes up and nips get puffy and then I back off to keep things...
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    Dosage vs Side Effects(Acne, Puffy Nipples)

    Hi everyone this is my first post so go easy on me lol...I am 22 years old, and approximately a year and a few months ago, I started suffering from a deep depression, non-existent libido and rapid and aggressive weight loss. I was pretty close to just calling it quits honestly, and upon...
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    eating foods that increases estrogen

    hello! so i have low e2 of 12 causing low t and i bought foods like bread with flax seeds (flax seeds raises estrogen but dont know if theres much in them to worry about) olive oil and cheak peas. should i add real amount of flax seeds or other seeds? dont know if theres enough in bread
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